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Vallejo Fluorescent Paints – Quick Look

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Very interesting. I think I may have to pick up some of these for my Chaos Marines.

The Wargaming Bear

After finding out about Fluorescent paints from Vallejo, I though it would be cool to have an army of day-glo daemons 🙂 With that in mind I decided to pick some up as you may remember from Beared-itorials and also conversations I have had on Twitter.

So I picked up the 5 colours in the range; Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink and Orange

An odd set of colours but went with it anyway. Below you can see some of the experiments with the paints;

So the light was very simply the yellow paint over a white base with a wipe of brush around the light as well. I think it actually gives it a very quick/easy OSL effect with little work.

Again over a white base and after a few layers of the green (and yellow as a pseudo-hightlight) along with the blue done the spine. It certainly pops.

So how…

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