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Codex: Inquisition – comming this November!

Bloody hell, this one appeared out of nowhere!  Today on the Black Library’s website, this appeared.


Finally, following the release of Codex: Adepta Sororitas earlier this month, we are very excited to announce the next digital exclusive codex.

This November, you will be able to download the brand new Codex: Inquisition.

A full codex, packed with background and artwork on the forces of the Imperium’s most secretive and powerful organization. You’ll soon be able to field an Inquisitor and their retinue in any Imperial army in games of Warhammer 40,000.

We’ll be releasing more details on this book through our Facebookpage as the date approaches, so make sure you’re signed up to follow us.
In fact, once we reach 5,000 likes, we’re going to reveal the full cover of the book (so get your friends to sign up to if you want to see it) Here’s a little snippet.


Well, this is indeed welcome! You can read the full article here and if you haven’t already, like GW Digital’s Facebook Page as, unlike the rest of the GW empire, it’s a fantastic source of breaking information.



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