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Space Marine 2 & 3: The Games That Never Were


As those of you who battled through the endless ranks of Orks and Chaos know, THQ’s superlative third-person shoot and hack ’em up, Space Marine, ended on a cliffhanger with our hero Captain Titus, surrendering to the Inquisition on charges of heresy.

At the time, most assumed that this was to allow a sequel to explore Titus’s quest to prove his innocence and hopefully kick Leandros squarely in the nuts. However this was not to be as THQ went bust, most likely taking with it any realistic prospect of these games ever appearing.

That said, it appears that a pair of sequels were in the early stages of development. A couple of weeks ago, Penny Arcade talked to Raphael can Lierop, Space Marine’s lead developer, and he outlined the plot for both installments, you can read the article here.

While it’s interesting to know that they has a decent plan, it is somewhat of a kick to the guts that it’s likely that they’ll never be made. All is not lost as Bioware did obtain THQ’s catalogue and rights but if anything does eventually appear, it’s unlikely to feature Captain Titus, formerly of the Ultramarines.

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