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Infinity – Beginning My Journey

01/19/2014 4 comments

I’ve finally settled on collecting a PanOceania force as part of my first foray into Infinity.  It took me a while to choose between PanO, Ariadna and ALEPH and I suspect that eventually I’ll have a models from them all!  But that’s for another day.

As such, I popped over to Element Games‘s website and ordered the following:

PanO Starter Pack

PanO Fusilier Sniper

PanO Knight Hospitaller with Multi Rifle

Before the inevitable deluge of comments informing me that I’ve made a horrific choice I’d like to explain why I chose these three sets.  First of all, I haven’t actually read the rules.  I did this deliberately as I’ve not had the opportunity to experience the innocent joy of buying miniatures simply because I like the look of them since I picked up my first ever wargaming miniature (an Imperial Guard Jetbike and rider) back in 1992.  For a jaded old soul like me, this was a thoroughly enjoyable, freeing, experience.  Secondly, I thought it would make sense to get the starter set and everyone tells me that I’d be foolish not to invest in a sniper of some description.  As for the Knight Hospitaller, I just really like the model and can’t wait to paint it!

With a bit of luck the package will arrive on Tuesday, I can’t wait 🙂

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