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Grab-It Pack – A Review

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This seems like a really good idea.

My only problem with the article is there is no photo of Phil modelling it 😉


Just before Christmas I managed to organise a games night with The Chaps. Nothing new there. However on this particular occasion I kept losing things. Forgetting where I put a pencil or my tape measure as I moved around the board and went over to check out how the other chaps were doing in their games.

On the way home I started thinking about ways that a gamer could keep all of their gaming essentials about their person without the need for combat trousers or a combat utility vest. Because it can feel that way sometimes. It was partly prompted by the sound of my dice box (a reasonable sized fishing tackle box) slid around the boot having dislodged itself from its spot between the scenery boxes and my figure case.

And so to Google I went (other search engines are available) to try to find something that would keep…

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