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Dark Angel Tactical Marine

03/22/2014 1 comment


This evening I decided to see if I could finish off a single miniature in under an hour. As I’m currently in the middle (well, closer to the start than the middle) of painting my Hellbrute, I thought I’d revisit my other main project, the Chaos Space Marine Chosen and Dark Angels Tactical Squad from the Dark Vengeance box.

I’m fairly happy with this. The picture isn’t great as the lighting doesn’t really show off the armour highlights too well. But for a basic trooper I think it’s passable. This is also the first time in many years that I’ve (mostly) stuck to the colours that the ‘Eavy Metal team used although I’ve greatly simplified it as I’m a mere mortal. >

Going, going, gone! The end of Citadel Colour Spray Paints

03/19/2014 Leave a comment


Some of you will have noticed that GW’s website is no longer selling the Mephiston Red spray paint. I assumed that this was down to a supply issue but, as I’d popped into my local GW last Saturday to pick up a Hellbrute, I decided to ask a member of staff.

According to him, it turns out that the coloured sprays were a limited run and when they’re gone, they really are gone! Hopefully this means that they’ll be replacing them with a new product line but I’m going to be stocking up on Caliban Green and Macragge Blue while I still can!

Hellbrute Weekend – Part 5

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That’s it for the evening. Not bad for an hour and a half’s work. Still a long way to go!

Once I saw the complexity of the model, I secretly knew I wouldn’t get it done in a weekend. I think I gave it a good go and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I’ll keep plugging away over the week, hopefully it’ll yield results sooner rather than later. Can’t wait to see how it looks finished!

Hellbrute Weekend – Part 4

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Today hasn’t gone quite as I’d planned (Doctor Who marathon with my wife this morning didn’t help) however I’ve started the painting process.


Not too far along, standard black undercoat spray followed by a base of Macragge Blue spray and I’ve just started layering up with a drybrush of Caledor Sky.

I’m going to work on it for another hour or so but I have a meeting first thing so it’s an early night for this Warmonger.

Hidden In Plain Sight? – Potential Plastic Vendetta Kit

03/15/2014 2 comments

GW has been increasingly putting subtle hints about future releases in their publications for some time now. Recent(ish) examples being the Wall of Martyrs defence lines in the Chaos Space Marine Codex and the Astra Militarum Tauros in the Tyranid Codex.

Following this, in this week’s White Dwarf we have these pictures.



Now this could be the current Forge World Vendetta upgrade kit for the existing Imperial Guard Valkyrie kit however if I recall, there was a rumour a while ago suggesting that the Vendetta option would be included in a re-released Valkyrie kit which would accompany the Astra Militarum Codex.

In any case, we’ll find out soon enough.

Hellbrute Weekend – Part 3

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17:35 – that’s the build done.





Wow, that took a bit longer than expected! This wasn’t really a tricky build since, mentioned earlier, the instructions were top notch. However the Power Flail had so many small fiddly parts I had to take things slowly.

Right now I’m waiting for the plastic glue to completely cure then, once I’ve picked up my wife, I’ll get the beastie undercoated.

Hellbrute Weekend – Part 2

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It’s 16:23 and I’ve just finished assembling the main body of the Hellbrute. This is a simply amazing kit, amazingly detailed, extraordinarily complex with 26 pieces thus far used, but it goes together so easily. This is helped by a genuinely useful construction guide.

Here’s the progress so far.





Now, quick break to stretch my legs then onto the arms 🙂