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Infinity – Assembling The Troops

03/03/2014 1 comment

At long last I’ve started assembling the Infinity miniatures I picked up in January from those lovely folk at Element Games.

I decided to start with my PanOceania grunts, sorry, Fusiliers.


And a couple of specialists, a Fusilier Sniper (L) and Fusilier Hacker (R).


I was initially somewhat skeptical once I found out that Corvus Belli still favour making miniatures out of metal however I was pleasantly surprised. The detail was crisp and the models had very little flash and mould lines. They fitted together very well and we’re assembled in no time.

My only gripe is that the single miniature clam packs came with filled slottabases which needed to be cut open.

Can’t wait to start painting them!