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Duality of Purpose

03/10/2014 1 comment

Never one to set myself insurmountable tasks, I’ve decided to crack on with finishing up some of the contents from the limited edition Dark Vengeance box I’ve had sitting under my desk for far too long. I’m also a bit scared by the detail on my Infinity models so I thought is procrastinate some more get my eye in by completing some miniatures that I’m a bit more familiar with.

To this end, I’m attempting to paint, in tandem, the Dark Angel Tactical Squad and ten Chaos Space Marine Chosen Squad. Here’s how far I’ve got.


As you can see, the Dark Angels are a bit more advanced, especially the Sergeant who even has some highlights!

Even though the colour palettes for both squads are very different, the techniques are broadly the same. I’m highlighting primarily by drybrushing before toning it down using ink glazes. I hope that by alternating unit after each stage I’ll keep my mind relatively fresh and maybe end up with two decently painted units in fairly short order. That’s the plan anyway!