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Leman Russ Resurrection – Part 4

After taking some time off for a family bereavement, I thought the best thing to get stuck into was my erstwhile Leman Russ revamp.

Today I managed to get the base layer down and made a start on blocking out the metallics.


I decided to manually apply the basecoat as Catachan Green doesn’t agree with my airbrush (well, much of this is due to my general ineptitude with all things airbrushy) and I wanted to practice applying an even flat colour over a large area.

So far so good, this won’t be a work of art but at least it’ll better match the rest of my armour.

  1. 05/19/2014 at 13:07

    On the airbrush (I just started as well). What was the problem? Paint too thick? I’ve successfully jammed up my airbrush with airbrush paint before…so I feel your pain.

    • 05/19/2014 at 13:43

      For some reason I’ve always found diluting Catachan Green very tricky and I always ended up wasting more than I’d have used painting the model manually. Never had a massive problem with any other colour and since that particular paint has been superseded it’s a temporary irritant at most 🙂

      • 05/19/2014 at 13:56

        Ah ok. I was just curious. Trying to pick up any and all tips I can. I haven’t tried to work with any GW paints yet in the airbrush, just the vallejo air’s. (which somehow jammed my airbrush lol).

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