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Dark Angels Rhino

07/21/2014 3 comments

Finished on time for Miniature Monday, who’d have thunk it!





Dark Angels Rhino – WIP

07/17/2014 Leave a comment

I recently I picked on eBay a BNIB Rhino for a tenner and even though I’ve got a million things on the go, I thought I’d knock it out quickly as I’ve not painted a loyalist Rhino since 1993!

I managed to build it in a little under half an hour and here it is forty minutes thereafter.


Now the part I like, detailing it before fixing the colour with a black ink glaze.

Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion – WIP

07/12/2014 1 comment

Today I decided that I’d like to use a different Aspiring Champion in my game tomorrow so I looked out this guy who had been sitting assembled and undercoated in a box for the past eighteen months. This is what I’ve managed to get done in the last couple of hours.


I’m heading out to a house warming this evening but I’ll have him ready for tomorrow afternoon’s game 🙂

Chaos Space Marine Heldrake – WIP 3

07/09/2014 1 comment

Getting there.


Both the wings are done and the body, as you can see, is coming along nicely. Love this model 🙂

Chaos Space Marine Heldrake – WIP 2

07/04/2014 1 comment

Not much progress this week thanks to a new arrival in the household, more on that in a bit. However I was able to steal a quick half hour this afternoon and got started on one of the wing assemblies.


This model is an absolute joy to paint, however what is a far greater joy to behold is this little lady!



Her name is Hervör Bygulardöttir, she’s a about eleven weeks old and is very distracting 🙂