Dark Angels Rhino

Finished on time for Miniature Monday, who’d have thunk it!





  1. greggles
    07/22/2014 at 13:15

    Looks great! I like the subtle variances in color tone throughout the surfaces. Gives it a nice interesting texture!

  2. 40kterminatus
    07/22/2014 at 14:58

    Its very good indeed. I need to paint a Dark Angels rhino myself shortly, how did you do the colours ?

    • 07/22/2014 at 15:57

      Cheers 🙂

      After a black undercoat I applied a base of Caliban Green followed by a glaze of Biel-Tan Green. Then I applied a heavy drybrush of Warpstone Glow followed by a lighter drybrush of Moot Green that paid particular attention to the edges and raised, rounded surfaces.

      Finally I applied a glaze of Nuln Oil followed by a drybrush of Leadbelcher to weather.

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