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Sorting Things Out

Wow, two posts in one day!

Anyway, without wanting to create a negative atmosphere I haven’t painted since Dad died last month.  While it’s my intention/hope to pick up a brush by the end of the week right now I’ve been easing myself back into the hobby swing by first getting the blog back up and staggering and secondly by gritting my teeth and finally sorting out my paints.

As with all hobbyists, I have amassed quite a collection of paints in the past twenty three years, and I’ve never bothered to properly go through them.  Until no.

First of all, I decided to limit my ‘active’ paints to those bought since I returned to the hobby in 2009.  This meant that paints like these have been relegated to the bottom drawer.

Memories, memories :-)

Memories, memories 🙂

I’ve toyed with the idea of breaking out these old paints and attempting to replicate older styles of miniature painting on appropriately venerable models.  Not now though, far too many half-finished and planned projects, one day though.

Right, back to the cataloging.  After a happy hour or so, I’d arranged my paints by rough type and alphabetically therein.  I ended up with this.


There is a significant amount of organisation at play here, really!

Finally I came to the part I was really looking forward to, building my database!  I love spreadsheets, I work with them all day and genuinely enjoy applying what I do for a living to my hobbies where possible.  Therefore, it did not take me long at all to knock this up.

Paint Database

As you can see, I’ve not only listed the paints I have but I’ve also made a start at recording which colours are used for which army.  I didn’t have time to get this part fully logged but give me time.

And the numbers, you ask?  After everything was logged I was able to ascertain that I have 93 different colours (including technical paints) and of these 93, I have 32 duplicates of which most of those are a result of stocking up on Devlan Mud and Catachan Green before they were discontinued.

Miniature painting and spreadsheets, what’s not to love? 🙂


  1. 10/13/2014 at 21:18

    Impressive collection of paints! I find painting always helps my ease my mind and heart. (that and exercise). Hope picking up the brush helps you find your zen.

    (Actually surprised you didn’t transfer them into dropper bottles!)

    • 10/13/2014 at 21:37

      Yeah, I really should get on that. Do you know where best to get some?

      • 10/13/2014 at 21:40

        I got some off amazon, but don’t know if that is the best source or not! (i also got too large ones..oops)

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