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Chaos Space Marine Warpsmith – WIP 1

Well, that wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d feared. It took me a little under an hour to turn this:


To this:


I think I’ll need to straighten the axe some more, but that’s enough for today. What really impressed me though is that the only air bubble was on the sole of the left foot, and that’ll be covered by the base.

Not really looking forward to building this but I can’t wait to get started on the painting stage.

  1. 12/15/2014 at 00:08

    I actually die a little inside when I open a mini and there is this many parts hahaha. I’m terrible at clean assembly!
    This looks like it’s going to so be so cool! Hope you post painting WIPs!!

  2. 12/15/2014 at 13:38

    Happy to hear your resin mini has little damage. I had the audacity to shop online for some obliterators, mutilators and a few other resin kits and they all have hideous bubbles or outright miscast or damaged parts that repairs will be an adventure on its own. Looking forward to your progress with them.

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