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The Orphans of The Imperium Return

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Yup, as promised I’m completely ignoring the pathetic cries of my half-finished Warpsmith and instead decided to crack on with the boxes of Militarum Tempestus Scions I got for my birthday last year.

I’ve three boxes of Scions and one Taurox to build which’ll give me a full squad and command squad with transport for some. Such as shame I’ll have to buy another Taurox…

I also have a full squad of the old metal Stormtroopers that I’ll strip and repaint which means I’ll sooner or later have enough to field a decent allied detachment.

Yesterday evening I made a start on the Scion squad. Thus far all the torsos and legs are assembled but I couldn’t resist building one to completion.


Tuesday’s my RPG night so I won’t get back to these chaps until Wednesday, really looking forward to seeing how these turn out.

Ravenwing Land Speeder

01/19/2015 2 comments

This week I decided to take a break from my Chaos Marines (yes, I will get back to my Warpsmith soon!) and get some more of my Dark Angels finished.



I guess at this point I should acknowledge that my Dark Angels are now a separate army and not an allied contingent for my Guard 😉

There is also a degree of method to my madness as I’ve a Taurox and three squads of Tempestus Scions still in their boxes and I wanted to be sure I could paint a predominantly black colour scheme before I started on them.

I suppose now I really should go back to my Warpsmith…

Marax – Daemon Prince of the Heralds of Desolation

01/11/2015 7 comments
Marax The Desolator in his current form

Marax The Desolator in his current form




Marax The Desolator was once Augustus Gideon, chapter master of the Heralds of The Emperor, a chapter founded in secret in M.34 to explore the galaxy beyond the reach of the Astronomicon and return the lost worlds of humanity to the Imperium.

Betrayed by the Imperium, Gideon swore his soul and those of his chapter to Chaos and he became Marax The Desolator, Daemon Prince of the Heralds of Desolation.

Daemon Prince – WIP 2

01/07/2015 1 comment

Managed to get a bit more work done this evening. Still not quite sure how I’ll do the face but I’m sure I’ll think of something!


New year, new models…new plans..

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One day, I hope to paint as well as this chap! Especially love the weathering on the Typhon.

My travels in Warhammer

Happy new year and all that jazz!
Hope you’ve all had a good festive season and got plenty of goodies! This is one of those rare posts I find the time/energy to write up!
So 2014 ay? Hobby wise I’ve pushed myself each step of the way, firstly by getting my first airbrush which has helped loads! Has sped up my base coating and also helped me shade my models more. First model of then year I finished was the fireraptor! Ironically the first model I’m doing this year is the avenger so start as I mean to go on ay!


Was really pleased how this came out. At the time was the biggest and most challenging fw build I have ever tried and also the firdt try with the airbrush. Was really happy how this came out and even had the wizard that is nigel bartlett do the canopy…

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Daemon Prince – WIP 1

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Spent a couple of hours getting this chap progressed.


As you can see, the skin is almost done but the I’ve only just started on the armour. Despite its relative age, this is one of the best models I’ve worked on in some time 🙂