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Some Chaos at Work

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Recently my team moved to a different part of the office, we even got new not in any way hideous carpets.  As such, I decided to bring in a few models to sit on my desk to both inspire my creativity and advertise to all and sundry my wargamer credentials.

Here’s my new desk.

Honestly, it's always this tidy...

Honestly, it’s always this tidy…

And here’s a close-up of my monitor stand.

New Desk 02

Work for The Work God!

Veteran readers may remember that these models were my 2013 Warmongers Secret Santa gift.  Before I moved jobs I used to have some old Cadians and Eldar Guardians that I’d previously used to test out colour schemes but they were really poorly painted and didn’t really reflect what I’m capable of.

Plus hopefully I can channel some of the, erm, straightforwardness, of Khorne in my daily tasks.  Either that or I’ll start reaping skulls in the greater Leith area…


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My wife’s blog is up and running. Becky’s currently working on her first graphic novel, Bionomikon, as well as other projects.

R.G.Ferguson: Bionomikon and other works

Even as I type, I’m learning how to work this site so, for the brief, I my mind is a-cavern of vacuous, windy ideas. My dutch oven of ideas should air out as the site builds around my needs.  This post is more of an explanatory apology than a fascinating read.  If anybody found these preliminary comments remotely of interest, I would be blown out of my fucking chair and into the house next door, a-rubbled and dramatic like the Cool-aid man.  I don’t even think I can bother typing any more, so bored am I by my own words.  Let us pray, and let us have lettuce, lest us be tormented by the fiery hell-pokers of more laborious blogs.  Here is one circle in my hell: never knowing whether my ideas are simply another frequency of senseless white noise, but drag into it with me a host of unsuspecting bored victims.  Here…

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