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My wife’s blog is up and running. Becky’s currently working on her first graphic novel, Bionomikon, as well as other projects.

R.G.Ferguson: Bionomikon and other works

Even as I type, I’m learning how to work this site so, for the brief, I my mind is a-cavern of vacuous, windy ideas. My dutch oven of ideas should air out as the site builds around my needs.  This post is more of an explanatory apology than a fascinating read.  If anybody found these preliminary comments remotely of interest, I would be blown out of my fucking chair and into the house next door, a-rubbled and dramatic like the Cool-aid man.  I don’t even think I can bother typing any more, so bored am I by my own words.  Let us pray, and let us have lettuce, lest us be tormented by the fiery hell-pokers of more laborious blogs.  Here is one circle in my hell: never knowing whether my ideas are simply another frequency of senseless white noise, but drag into it with me a host of unsuspecting bored victims.  Here…

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