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Dark Angels Company Master

Got this gent finished on Monday evening. Quite pleased with it. 



Love the new upgrade sprue, coupled with the new FW upgrade parts will make my life a lot easier!

  1. Ruins of Arotha
    09/15/2015 at 09:26

    That’s a fantastic bit of kit-bashing there, and the paint job is great. Nice work!

  2. 09/15/2015 at 13:32

    Nice work … loving the plasma pistol
    But thinking the plasma cell could be bit brighter maybe, or least highlighted more?

  3. greggles
    09/15/2015 at 14:04

    The master crafted pistol is awesome. Agree with da dwarf, bit of brighter blues in there would make the coil pop!

  4. 09/17/2015 at 15:46

    Very nice, what’s your recipe for the gold (a colour I still struggle to work with)? I see where the others are coming from regarding the plasma coil, I just wonder if it would clash with the gold if it was brightened up, making the whole area look garish? Overall though he’s looking damn good!

  5. 10/01/2015 at 15:29

    Nice work mate

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