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Trenchmates – Wild West Exodus: Painting the Minis by Tim Chant

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You’ve read it right, Trenchmates is back!  Regular contributor, opponent and partner in crime Tim Chant talks about how he’s getting on painting his WWX Union force.

2015-10-25 18.21.22

I’m now a decent way through painting my Union force for Wild West Exodus so thought this might be a good time to offer some reflections on the miniatures from a hobby rather than gaming perspective.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I really like the models. I have a few gripes (lack of posability, some problems with resin quality control which I hope will have been fixed for the main run) but overall they don’t diminish my favourable opinion. I’m writing from the perspective of having assembled the miniatures before painting (I suffered from the usual gamer malaise of throwing myself into assembly without really thinking it through), and also from the perspective of being about competent as a painter.

First up was Lucinda Loveless. There are maybe a few issues with how Agent Loveless is presented in terms of pose and style (I’ve seen far worse though), but she was fairly straightforward and fun to paint. I used the excellent Valejo Army Painter blue coloured primer as the bulk of the model was going to be blue and then built up the blue with a wash and then a series of drybrushes of increasingly lighter shade (I use GW paints after the initial colour primer). I’m particularly pleased with the effect of the hem of the dress and also with her armoured bodice (one of my favourite colour combos is a dark bronze drybrushed with brass). I’m less happy about the flesh tones and her eyes – faces is where I really fall down.

2015-10-25 18.21.55

I also used the blue primer for Robert Pinkerton and I think General Grant. I’ve mentioned using the primers before and will reflect more fully on them in another post, but I cannot overstate how much faster they make a paint job. Both were, again, very straightforward models, though Grant was complicated by my pre-assembly as the positioning of his arms meant getting at his armour carapace harder. The unifying colour of the army is blue, but I went for a darker shade for Grant and made his metal work fairly dull to reflect the grim nature of the character. I had a go at giving him a glowing power sword, with mixed results – mercifully he wears a mask so I didn’t have to worry about his face. I cranked this mini out in about three hours while taking part in an on-line RPG, one of my fastest paint jobs.

2015-10-25 18.22.11

2015-10-25 18.22.42

Most recently, I’ve completed Mr Lincoln (there’s backstory here in that he’s faked his death so he can join Grant’s forces and try to keep the general under control). Outlaw have gone full on stove pipe, shovel beard and axe/shotgun combo. The obvious choice would have been to paint everything black (I actually undercoated using Chaos Black for this mini) but in the end I went with a dark blue coat and lighter blue trousers, and a dull iron carapace rather than brass. This makes him fit with the colour theme of the posse and also avoids the cliché. He comes with a choice of poses (holding the axe like a shotgun or over his head, ready to chop lumber or… other things). In the end I think I managed to assemble him somewhere between the two official poses, and was the only mini I painted before finishing assembly. I probably should have used some green stuff to smooth out some joins in the miniatures, but got a little over enthusiastic about getting him finished. His hair and beard was a bit of a struggle, and I gave up try to paint his eyes as they’re mostly shaded by his steampunk stovepipe hat so just shaded the sockets.

2015-10-25 18.22.25

A note on basing. Grant, Loveless and Pinkerton have fairly simple bases – I glued grit to the top of the base and then tried to achieve a sandy look. As Lincoln’s stance means he doesn’t fit onto a standard base, I created a scenic base for him using putty and a Basius mould so I appears he’s standing on a cellar trapdoor.

As these models are resin, I finished the paint job with a coat of varnish (GW Purity Seal) as the paint was rubbing off easily (I had to redo sections more than a few times as my handling while painting took chunks out of the paint).

I think because most of these miniatures are wearing long coats (or in Loveless’ case a dress) they were fairly quick, fun paint jobw. The Line Troops, basically the grunts of the unit, are a whole other issue. These are superbly detailed miniatures, and herein lies the rub. They have a profusion – one might say a plethora – of straps and buckles and details on armour and weapons which has started to do my pan in. I’m too much of a perfectionist just to paint these over, but not yet skilled enough to do a decent job of painting them. These miniatures have gone back into the box for now, though I will dig them out and finish them in due course. With them done and my Locust light support vehicle painted and assembled, I will be up to date with Union forces – hopefully in time for the delivery of the ‘Unfinished Business’ kickstarter which will give me another three factions to paint and a few more bits for the Union to boot…

Currently I’m working on Jesse James for the Outlaw gang. I don’t actually own this gang, my chum and regular opponent [NAME REDACTED BY ORDER OF THE HOLY INQUISITION] does, and I’ve volunteered to paint the gang (because he never will…). I’ve gone with black and brown for this colour scheme, and have upped my game slightly after taking excellent advice from a more experienced miniature painter on edge highlighting on his duster. This chap came apart as I was trying to prize him off his base o I could take a similar approach to Lincoln’s base, which has made the job a lot easier. With him done, I might go back to those blasted Line Troops…

Again, many thanks to Tim for his contribution, it’s getting harder for me not to pick up a small force for this game…

Trenchmate contributions are always welcome, for more information just click here.

Ravenwing Attack Bike

10/24/2015 4 comments

Managed to get this finished today. 

 Before I lose momentum I’m going to try to get the three bikes that came with the Dark Vengeance set finished. After that, I’ll almost have a functional Dark Angels army 🙂

Back to Civilisation*

10/12/2015 1 comment

We got back last week from a freaking fantastic time in the US visiting my wife’s family and now that the jetlag’s cleared (I swear it didn’t use to affect me so in my twenties) I’ve got in an hour or so of painting this evening. 

Ok, it’s not much, but at least this small part of my Ravenwing force is done 🙂
*Well, Scotland.