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Chaos Spawn

11/29/2015 Leave a comment

Chaos Spawn

Having needed a break from my Deathwing, I decided to get these chaps painted. I assembled them a few years ago and for reasons I forget, I never got around to painting them.

Unfortunately they had not survived the move to our new house unscathed so I spent most of Friday evening gluing their arms, tentacles and claws back on.  Damned if I know how I’ll transport them to games.

Painting-wise, the one of the left was given my proposed Nurgle scheme.  I think I’ll have to tweak it somewhat before I start on my Herald and Nurglings but it’s almost there.  The one on the right was painted in the same manner as my Bloodletters however I used a purple ink wash in place of the black.

Both these were painted very quickly (I think it shows) but I’m fairly happy with the results.  The great thing about Chaos Spawn is that their very nature means that it’s possible to paint them in a near infinite number of ways so I’m relishing the chance to experiment with other spawn down the line.

Deathwing Terminator

11/15/2015 2 comments

This is the first loyalist termie I’ve painted in close to 20 years. 

As you can see, the model’s from the Dark Vengeance set. Before starting on this squad I’d heard horror stories about painting them but once I’d got started the whole process took maybe three hours. 

Now that the first one’s done I’m going to production line the rest. 

Ravenwing Bike Squad

11/13/2015 Leave a comment

The best huntsmen in the galaxy (yes, including the White Scars) are now ready for battle.

Ravenwing Bike Squad 01


Ravenwing Bike Squad 02


Ravenwing Bike Squad 03


Ravenwing Bike Squad 04


I loved painting these miniatures.  Initially I was somewhat put off since it was impossible to paint the riders separately as these Dark Vengeance models incorporate parts of them into the bikes however once I got started things managed to fall nicely into place.

The Ravenwing is my favourite Dark Angels company, eventually I would like to have enough to field nothing but them in battle.

Ravenwing Bike Squad 05

No Fallen will escape, this we swear.


Ravenwing Bike

11/02/2015 Leave a comment

Managed to get something done for #MinatureMonday for the first time in what seems like ages 🙂

Ideally I’d like to be further along with his two squad mates, but at least this chap’s ready for action.

Ravenwine Bike 01

Ravenwine Bike 02