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Tournament Report – 40K Borders Smackdown

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On the first Saturday of December I awoke at an ungodly hour (well 08:00, screw you, don’t judge me!) to catch a train on the new Borders Rail Link to Galashiels to participate in a games day between the Borders Reivers and Edinburgh League of Gamers.

Completely uncivilised time for a gentleman to be awake...

Completely uncivilised time for a gentleman to be awake…

Borders Reivers is a relatively new club and had recently moved to the Royal British Legion’s building in central Galashiels and they were anxious to christen their new venue with a proper old barney. ELG by contrast has been active since 2006 and despite yours truly being a denizen of Scotland’s capital for near-twenty years, I’d yet to darken their door. I was attending at the invitation of the borders lads, a couple of whom (Sam and Iain) I’ve known and gamed with for a number of years. I was therefore most looking forward to meeting new people and, hopefully, expand my circle of gaming buddies.

The format was very simple, each player brought 1,000 points and would be paired with a member of their team to face a similar opposing force. Standard FOC, FW, tactical objective were in effect and super heavies allowed. Also allies rules were in effect, which meant some very… unconventional partnerships. Especially for me.

Two games were to be played and the team with the most victory points after both rounds won.

Team captains would roll off to determine who would place one of their team first, captains would then take turns until all sixteen players were distributed between the four game boards. As ELG were a player short, I joined them against the feral horde from the countryside.

Now, for a bit of a confession. I had originally wanted to do a blow-by-blow account for all eight of the games but was too disorganised to get proper feedback from each table. This was compounded by the happy fact that there was a licensed bar on the premises so completely accurate accounting was never going to happen! Therefore I’m going to cover my two games as best as I can remember them.

My Army

Army List - Short

When I first created this list on Battlescribe it came to 997 points, serves me right for not checking it against the Codex and Errata, or even ensuring that my data repository was up to date, I could have got a few more Cultists!

As I was out to have fun, and wouldn’t know a competitive list if it bit me on the arse, I decided to go with an experimental army. I wanted it to be able to support both a shooty or a stabby ally, so I loaded up Khârn and friends in a Dirge Caster equipped Land Raider which was to plough forward and deposit them where the fighting was thickest, hopefully to decapitate the enemy’s strongest unit and/or their Warlord. Supporting them would be my Baleflamer-equipped Heldrake.

My Sorcerer would be provided with a decent meat shield of Cultists and would stay back a bit and attempt to bring on daemonic reinforcements and generally try to cause a nuisance.

Finally, my Chaos Spawn would act in a harassment role, using their fantastic movement stats to go after targets of opportunity and generally just get in the way. I’d not used Spawn before and was particularly excited about getting a chance to deploy these chaps.

Game 1

Well, this was going to be interesting. Having the Sons of Titan as my ‘ally’ certainly posed some deployment problems, not to mention that we wouldn’t be able to properly close support each other. Fortunately our opponents had the same problem.

Facing us was a veteran ‘Nid player and Ian, the brother-in-law of one of the organisers who’d only played once before and was using an army consisting of a Chaos Space Marine Nurgle Sorcerer and billions of Nurgle Plague Zombies. This was going to be fun.

And it begins!

And it begins!

Seizing the initiative, one of the ‘Nid Flyrants flew forward and ate my Spawn. Poor guys, I guess I’d try again in the second game. The other made a beeline for my Sorcerer but fortunately couldn’t quite reach.

Ian’s zombies shambled forward towards their objectives but otherwise didn’t really do much. Mind you, what could they do at this stage?

In response I moved up my Raider so I could bring it’s awesome fire power to bear on the swarm of lesser ‘Nids advancing on my flank.

Meanwhile, my allies unleashed a torrent of fire at the Flyrant zeroing in on my Sorcerer, wounding it and forcing it to land, taking off another wound in the process. Unfortunately it landed right in front of my Sorcerer’s squad!


My Sorcerer managed to miraculously survive the next turn, mainly thanks to the meat shield of cultist surrounding him however he lost the first of his two wounds attempting to summon some daemons. No problem, I thought, he’ll be fine. Then my bloody ally unleashed some psychic fire at the Flyrant and managed to incinerate my spellcaster and friends in the process!

At this point I only had the Khârnmobile and an off-table Heldrake remaining, nevertheless we were, somehow turning the tide.


Finally my Land Raider was able to unleash Khârn and friends into the zombie horde and they got to work. By the end of the game they had accounted for over seventy of the buggers and the chosen of Khorne was still standing.


While I was dealing death to the scions of the Plague God, my team mate was actually claiming objectives and, along with my Land Raider, keeping the remaining ‘Nids at bay.

The game ended, we were bloody, but victorious.

Game 1 - Result

Half Time

With all the games finished, we repaired to a local hostelry for further liquid refreshment and food. The first round had taken a bit longer than had been anticipated, but everyone was determined to get a second game in before the last train back to civilisation.

ELG Captain Dale ponders his team's strategy over some half-time refreshment.

ELG Captain Dale ponders his team’s strategy over some half-time refreshment.

Game 2

This was going to be fun. The last time I faced Sam he was using his bloody Necrons and no matter what my Imperial Guard did, the damned things just wouldn’t stay down. He was also playing an army that I’m considering collecting and I was interested to see them in action.


Setting up the second game

Fortunately my ally was not as opposed to Chaos as my previous one so deployment was less of a headache. This was very useful as Chris had four drop pods and a Thunderfire Cannon which could make short work of us if we weren’t able to adequately support each other. However; Black Templars and Khornate Chaps? They’ll never get on…


Chris and Sam ‘discuss’ tactics

Our opponents took the first turn, thankfully the first two drop pods came down out of our deployment zone as we’d ensured that there was little to no opportunity to safely land. Another stoke of good luck happened when the Thurnderfire Cannon elected to target some Tau Crisis Suits and inflicted precisely zero damage on the fishmen, thus my Cultists were saved from yet another ignominious and messy early exit.

The closest drop pod to my forces contained the Templar’s Warlord and by good fortune, it was within charging range of my Land Raider. Khârn and his retinue were deposited close enough for a charge and he took the Templar Warlord’s head in a challenge while his fellow Berserkers, assisted by my Chaos Spawn, wiped out the rest of his brethren. Not bad for a first turn.


My Spawn continued towards the enemy table edge, intent on taking out the Thunrderfire Cannon and the Bloodletters before it, on the way they ate the squad of Blood Slaughterer Impalers who tried to intercept them. They made it all the way to our opponent’s DZ before being overwhelmed by Bloodthirsters.

Speaking of them, a couple of groups of those lesser daemons jumped Khârn and his buddies while they were cleaning Templar bits from their Chainaxes. The warp creatures didn’t last a turn, but annoying a couple of berserkers succumbed to wounds. It mattered not, as a drop pod containing a Black Templar Dreadnought landed behind them, attempting to cut them off from the Sorcerer and Cultists who were providing fire and psychic support.

The undead marine didn’t last long though, Khârn charged and eviscerated it with Gorechild before it could ignite its power fist.

On the other side of the battlefield, my Tau friends were making short work of yet more Bloodletters, Templars, a Khorne Daemon Prince and Juggernauts. Their combined fire power meant nothing came close enough to mount a serious challenge.

Blink and you'll miss him! Khorne's Warlord turned up and quickly evaporated in a torrent of pulse energy.

Blink and you’ll miss him! Khorne’s Warlord turned up and quickly evaporated in a torrent of pulse energy.

The only weapon that could seriously threaten them was a Vindicator which had finally lumbered into effective range, fortunately one of those newfangled Ghostkeels was on hand to sneak up behind and annihilate it.

With the Black Templars effectively destroyed by the third turn we thought we were cruising to an easy victory, however we hadn’t banked on the Blood Tithe. All of a sudden, brand new units of Bloodletters began deepstriking all across the battlefield. Fortunately this just provided more targets for the Tau and Khârn’s blades.

We managed to hold of the ensuing tides of daemons but at a cost; Khârn finally went down on the last turn, surrounded by the bodies of his men and countless daemonic husks.


Khârn’s last stand

As the dust settled it was clear that Euan and I had achieved a great victory, yet I couldn’t shake the feeling that Khorne was the true winner of this conflict…

Game 2 - Result


Overall Result

As more drinks were consumed and the remaining second round games came to an end it was clear that Edinburgh were the runaway victors. We all repaired to the downstairs bar to toast our respective opponents before we braved to torrential rain in order to catch the final train to Edinburgh.


Before I wrote this article, I put a request out to those who took part for any photos from the day they’d like to share. Thus far only one chap’s got back to me, but if anyone else would like their stuff featured in this (or other articles), please email me at

My Army

My while army, note the daemons I never got to use. Stupid Sorcerer…


More discussions between the master tacticians

More discussions between the master tacticians


Setting up the hall

Setting up the hall






Credit: Gregg Allan

Credit: Gregg Allan


Credit: Gregg Allan

Credit: Gregg Allan



Credit: Gregg Allan

Credit: Gregg Allan

Credit: Gregg Allan


Credit: Gregg Allan

Credit: Gregg Allan


Credit: Gregg Allan

Credit: Gregg Allan


Credit: Gregg Allan

Credit: Gregg Allan


Credit: Gregg Allan

Credit: Gregg Allan

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