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Astra Militarum Wyvern

04/28/2016 2 comments

Finished on time, for once!

Astra Militarum Wyvern 01

Astra Militarum Wyvern 02

Astra Militarum Wyvern 05

Astra Militarum Wyvern 04

Astra Militarum Wyvern 03

I painted it in seven sub-assemblies; the hull, the two crew, the turret, the trigger assembly, and the two Stormshard Mortars.  I think I’d have gone crazy trying to paint it fully assembled!

Also, this was the first time that I painted one of my Astra Militarum units using the current range of GW paints.  I was initially worried that the new ones wouldn’t match the old range but I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  Plus, and this is heresy I know, but after painting this I think I prefer Agrax Earthshade to Devlan Mud…

Finally, why did I start my Wyvern Squadron with the number 2 gun?  I originally was going to make this the command unit but I couldn’t find enough parts to make a gunnery officer in my Bitz Box.  Never mind, my birthday’s coming up and I expect to bulk out my guard’s fire support very soon.

Astra Militarum Wyvern – WIP 2

04/20/2016 1 comment

It’s getting there. This is about five hours of work over three days, I’ve not had much time this week but I think I’ve spent it well. 

This evening after I returned from my weekly RPG session (currently we’re playing Legend of The Five Rings, since you asked) I finished the spotter and attached him to the vehicle’s rear platform. 

The next stage is the wash it, apply some decals, then weather. 

Then I can start on the Stormshard mortars 🙂

Astra Militarum Wyvern – WIP 1

04/07/2016 Leave a comment

Can’t believe it’s been almost two years since I last added to my trusty old Imperial Guard!

I picked this up a while back and have been looking forward to building it throughout my recent foray into She Who Thirsts

This was a fantastic model to build, as I have more Chimeras (Chimerae?) than is decent I’ve not encountered the updated kit before but it was so much easier to assemble! It’s also a touch thinner which will certainly help storage-wise when I build my third platoon later this year. 

As you can see from the picture, I’ll be painting it in sub-assemblies but I think it should be a fairly straightforward job. This’ll be fun 🙂

Daemonettes of Slaanesh

04/04/2016 1 comment



It took a while, but these ladies are finally done. 

Now that they’re done, it’s back to one of my first loves…