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Astra Militarum Infantry Squad

05/13/2016 2 comments

I’m participating in a doubles tournament tomorrow and I though that I’d dust off my old Imperial Guard Astra Militarum for the occasion, especially after painting the Wyvern last month.

I’ve not used my guard in a very long time, so long in fact that aside from the Wyvern a Commissar, and a restored tank or two, I’ve not painted anything for these chaps since around 2010/11.  After looking at the hordes of infantry I painted since returning to the hobby in 2009, I realised that it would be nice to challenge to paint a fresh squad for the event, mainly to see how far I’d come as a painter.  Here’s the result.

1st Squad 1st Platoon

I kept the scheme as close as I could to my original models however this time I deliberately used nothing but the current range of Citadel paints (with the honourable exception of my venerable pot of Snakebite Leather).  I also decided for the first time ever to attempt some freehand painting as thus far my guardsmen didn’t have platoon and squad identifiers.

Now, compare this against the squad below from 2009.

Old Squad


As you can see, I’ve got a bit better. In particular I’m confident enough to attempt to paint the smaller sculpted details such as eyes and insignia.

While I am tempted to strip and repaint my two older platoons, I think I’ll attempt to tidy up and provide unit marks for now.  When I have time 😉

Dark Angels Imperial Marine

05/07/2016 1 comment

Even though the First Legion and greatest Space Marine Chapter Of All Time can’t technically field this chap, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have one.

Imperial Marine 01


Imperial Marine 03


Imperial Marine 02


Imperial Marine 04


I loved painting this model, I wish that more were made in this range but I guess we’ll have to wait for the 40th anniversary 😉

As you can see from the last photo, I decided to paint the 5th Company’s mark in the circle sculpted onto the right pauldron, unfortunately my freehand painting skills aren’t good enough yet to paint on the Chapter icon so I had to use a transfer.  As I seldom use them, I had forgotten how big they were, I didn’t think it would have obscured the company mark so thoroughly!  Oh well, live and learn.