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The Fifty Day Nurgle Challenge

07/31/2018 Leave a comment

H/T Games Workshop

Last week I signed up for a one day 1,750 point 40K tournament that’s being held on Saturday 22 September* (if you’re reading this Adam you’ll get my entry fee today, promise). I’ve decided to use this impending glorious defeat to really push myself to paint up a brand new army for it.

Therefore, I’m going to build and paint a brand new Death Guard and Daemons of Nurgle army by Friday 21 September.

Fortunately I already have a painted squad of Plague Bearers, some Nurglings, a Herald plus the easy build Death Guard and Poxwalkers so I don’t have that much to do…

Plus I have already purchased the rest of the stuff I need (mainly thanks to the Dark Imperium box) so here’s what I have to build and paint.

40 Poxwalkers

7 Death Guard inc Icon Bearer

1 Lord of Contagion

1 Malignant Plaguecaster

1 FW CSM Nurgle Sorcerer

1 Plague Surgeon

1 Foul Blightspawn

2 Foetid Bloat Drones

1 Myphitic Blight-Hauler

1 Sloppity Bilepiper

1 Spoilpox Scriviner

3 Plague Drones

3 Nurgling Swarms

1 Beast of Nurgle

Now, the observant among you will know that the list above contains somewhat more than 1,750 points. That’s because I still don’t know exactly what I’ll be taking and I like inflicting pain on myself.

Can I do it? We’ll see.

*The extra observant among you will have noticed that there are in fact fifty one days, but that doesn’t sound nearly as good, does it? Shut up!

Dark Angels Devastator Squad

07/29/2018 2 comments

After far too long (I’m detecting a theme here), I’ve finally finished my Unforgiven’s first Devastator Squad.

Devastators 01Devastators 02Devastators 03Devastators 04Devastators 05Devastators 06Devastators 07

I was amazed by the generosity of the kit as I genuinely did not expect to have the parts nescessary to build all the remaining weapons (two each of Grav Cannon, Heavy Bolter, Multimelta and Plasma Cannon).  As virtually every wargammer, I have plenty of spare unbuilt marines so these extra weapons will see a paint brush soon.

However, I’ve a couple of Big Projects on the horizon which will keep me busy for the next two months or so…