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Dark Angels Devastator Squad

After far too long (I’m detecting a theme here), I’ve finally finished my Unforgiven’s first Devastator Squad.

Devastators 01Devastators 02Devastators 03Devastators 04Devastators 05Devastators 06Devastators 07

I was amazed by the generosity of the kit as I genuinely did not expect to have the parts nescessary to build all the remaining weapons (two each of Grav Cannon, Heavy Bolter, Multimelta and Plasma Cannon).  As virtually every wargammer, I have plenty of spare unbuilt marines so these extra weapons will see a paint brush soon.

However, I’ve a couple of Big Projects on the horizon which will keep me busy for the next two months or so…

  1. Pandoras Bitz Box
    07/30/2018 at 06:49

    These look great. Does that little cherub come with the kit, its cool. The only marines I have any contact with are the ones with quite unique kits e.i. grey knights, space wolves. etc. So I don’t really see the the regular kits up close very much. theres quite a lot packed in there isn’t there.

    • 07/30/2018 at 11:37

      Cheers 🙂

      The little cherub does indeed come with the kit and even has rules in the relevant codexes.

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