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The Shambling Horde 2: Shamble Harder

Long-suffering readers (hi, you two!) may remember that as part of my Fifty Day Nurgle Challenge back in 2018, I managed to paint up forty Poxwalkers. Since then I acquired three more sprues from Trenchmate Tim from his Conquest sub and over the past week I’ve slapped some paint on.

Poxwalkers Wave 2 01Poxwalkers Wave 2 02Poxwalkers Wave 2 03Poxwalkers Wave 2 04Poxwalkers Wave 2 05Poxwalkers Wave 2 06Poxwalkers Wave 2 07

If you add in the six I painted back in 2017, that gives me enough for three full squads with four models to spare.  More than enough to make Grandfather pleased!

I’ll probably revist them at some point down the line, I love the idea of fielding over one hundred of these chaps 🙂

  1. 06/22/2020 at 23:25

    I like the extra variation by alternating color on the areas of infection… I’m still missing this very same models on my poxwalker bunch.
    You should try some other basic debauchery on them to add variation, if I may suggest…
    Just cutting and re-gluing a head or a weapon hand at a different angle, or even, use a lighter to soften the plastic a bit and have the tentacles go in unique directions, can make them look really unique in no time.

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