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Necromunda – Goliath Ganger

05/13/2019 Leave a comment

After over twenty years, I’ve finally finished another Necromunda model.

While Orlocks will always have my allegiance, I decided that I’d like to break myself back into the aesthetic by tackling a gang I’d never painted before, hence this chap.

Forge Kings - Ganger 01

I’ve never painted anything in oranges or yellows so I decided to test myself.  It took a lot of experimenting, but I’m broadly happy with how the first of the Forge Kings gang came out.

Now, I just have to get his nine mates done.  They’re getting angry…

Black Library Print Raffle for #WAAC

04/23/2018 Leave a comment

The Wargaming Bear

cropped-waac-round-2-e1400572147423.pngThat is a mouth of a title…

So first raffle of the year, and it is a very very nice one as I have 2 prizes to give away.

A huge thanks to Jamie (@_hotrodthug) on twitter for doing the leg work for me and also to the authors that agreed to sign the artwork.

These include Nik Kyme, Gav Thorpe, John French and Ray Harrison. Which is absolutely fantastic 🙂

Here are the prints you can win, child is for scale and apparently is not also up for raffle (something to do with bad parenting 😉 )


This years aim is to hit the £18000 barrier and I am hoping we can achieve that.

For those who have never come across WAAC before;

In 2014 I lost my Mum to Cancer, the MacMillan Nurses were amazing in looking after my Mum but also my Dad and I wanted to…

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Bretonnians for sale!

06/15/2017 2 comments


It’s with a less heavy heart than I’d anticipated that I announce that I’m selling the majority of my unloved Bretonnian army.

I decided to jump back in to Warhammer Fantasty Battle in the early days of what would be the final edition of the game.  At the time I had a real struggle chosing an army but the idea of massed ranks of heavy cavalry carving up the table really appealed to me, and I thought that as they’d not been updated for a considerable time that a new Army Book was imminent.  How wrong I was!

After it was clear that this army was not going to make a proper transition to Age of Sigmar, I considered for quite some time keeping the models and using them to practice new painting techniques.  Lets be honest, that was never going to happen.

I also considered whether or not to look into the Oldhammer or Kings of War scene, but I have little enough time for the games I play and armies I collect and starting something new just to keep going what little models I had was not attractive.

So here we are.

Here’s what’s currently on offer on eBay. Click the links below for more details. 

Bretonnian Army

This is the bulk of my force, it contains 12 Men at arms, over 40 Bowmen, a Pegasus Knight and 22 Knights.

Lord with Great Axe

Bretonnian Lord 01

This is the metal version and apparently quite rare.  It’s a shame that he’s not technically legal in the 8th edition rules but it’s still a cool model!

Army Standard Bearer

Bretonnian Army Standard Bearer

Again, this is the metal version, I pinned the standard’s arm to the model for added stability.

Grail Knight Champion on Foot

Grail Knight Champion on foot

As you can see, this one’s still in its blister pack.  Genuinely forgot I had this one!

Knight of The Realm Hero on foot

Knight of The Realm Hero on foot

Like the previous one, a happy rediscovery.  This chap could potentially find a home in the AoS skirmish or board games.


If anyone has questions regarding these, please drop me a line in the comments section or via


Plaguebearers of Nurgle

08/24/2016 2 comments


Finished these chaps over the last few days, this now means that I have a good troops base for my daemonic allies.  It also gives me a halfway decent small Age of Sigmar army…

I’m going to miss painting Nurgle minis, I still have a Forge World Chaos Marine Nurgle Sorcerer and a Renegade Knight that I hope to paint in the Grandfather’s colours, but I think I should concentrate on my millions of half-finished projects currently residing in the Drawer of Shame 😉


04/06/2015 Leave a comment

My wife’s blog is up and running. Becky’s currently working on her first graphic novel, Bionomikon, as well as other projects.

R.G.Ferguson: Bionomikon and other works

Even as I type, I’m learning how to work this site so, for the brief, I my mind is a-cavern of vacuous, windy ideas. My dutch oven of ideas should air out as the site builds around my needs.  This post is more of an explanatory apology than a fascinating read.  If anybody found these preliminary comments remotely of interest, I would be blown out of my fucking chair and into the house next door, a-rubbled and dramatic like the Cool-aid man.  I don’t even think I can bother typing any more, so bored am I by my own words.  Let us pray, and let us have lettuce, lest us be tormented by the fiery hell-pokers of more laborious blogs.  Here is one circle in my hell: never knowing whether my ideas are simply another frequency of senseless white noise, but drag into it with me a host of unsuspecting bored victims.  Here…

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New year, new models…new plans..

01/03/2015 Leave a comment

One day, I hope to paint as well as this chap! Especially love the weathering on the Typhon.

My travels in Warhammer

Happy new year and all that jazz!
Hope you’ve all had a good festive season and got plenty of goodies! This is one of those rare posts I find the time/energy to write up!
So 2014 ay? Hobby wise I’ve pushed myself each step of the way, firstly by getting my first airbrush which has helped loads! Has sped up my base coating and also helped me shade my models more. First model of then year I finished was the fireraptor! Ironically the first model I’m doing this year is the avenger so start as I mean to go on ay!


Was really pleased how this came out. At the time was the biggest and most challenging fw build I have ever tried and also the firdt try with the airbrush. Was really happy how this came out and even had the wizard that is nigel bartlett do the canopy…

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Getting Back Into The Groove: Warriors of Chaos

02/03/2014 1 comment

I am very pleased to report that, not only have I started painting again but I’ve actually managed to finish something, and in time for Miniature Monday too!


These Warriors of Chaos was part of my sWarmonger Secret Santa and I’m very glad they’re finally finished.

While I’m not intending to start a WoC army, I thought I’d paint them as if I were and since I love painting a a Khorne Berserkers I thought I’d replicate the scheme. Maybe after my Bretonnians are done I’ll revisit these guys as I do want to eventually collect an evil Warhammer Fantasy army.

Is that what I think it is‽

02/01/2014 Leave a comment


Is it?



After nearly a month and a half, and only five weeks after we moved house, I’m finally painting again 🙂

First off I’m going to finish the Khorne Warriors of Chaos I received as part of my Warmonger Secret Santa and after that hopefully finish my Chaos Marines. It feels so good to finally get back to this!

Grab-It Pack – A Review

01/29/2014 Leave a comment

This seems like a really good idea.

My only problem with the article is there is no photo of Phil modelling it 😉


Just before Christmas I managed to organise a games night with The Chaps. Nothing new there. However on this particular occasion I kept losing things. Forgetting where I put a pencil or my tape measure as I moved around the board and went over to check out how the other chaps were doing in their games.

On the way home I started thinking about ways that a gamer could keep all of their gaming essentials about their person without the need for combat trousers or a combat utility vest. Because it can feel that way sometimes. It was partly prompted by the sound of my dice box (a reasonable sized fishing tackle box) slid around the boot having dislodged itself from its spot between the scenery boxes and my figure case.

And so to Google I went (other search engines are available) to try to find something that would keep…

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How to tell recast Forge World miniatures

01/10/2014 Leave a comment

MGM Painting

There are a ton of recast miniatures in circulation, and it seems that most people cannot tell the difference. There just isn’t a lot of information out there about how to tell the difference, so I thought it would be a good idea for me to post about a few things to look for if you suspect you may be dealing with recasts.

1. When purchasing new models on eBay, the models come from Russia or China. Although there certainly can be legitimate Forge World models currently located in these places that the current owner wants to liquidate, most of the time those will be used. These countries have different laws regarding intellectual property, copyright, and counterfeiting, so Forge Word/Games Workshop has been unable to shut these re-casters down.

2. The way the models attach to the sprue could be a clue. As an example, Forge World Chaos Dwarfs come…

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