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Dark Eldar Mandrakes

04/02/2012 1 comment

This weekend I managed to finish my first set of Dark Eldar Mandrakes.  I bought these about a year ago just before they were replaced by the Finecast versions so I’m looking forward to finding out if there’s any discernible difference when I expand the squad later.

Not only did I complete them but a mere twelve hours after the paint had dried, they were fighting the Imperium’s finest in a battle to the death.  If I’m honest they were my unit of the match (I’m I’m really honest they were the only unit that did any real damage!); they came in on reserve on the right flank and before the marines knew what hit them they’d disabled a Predator.

What happened to them (and the rest of my force) after that turn is best forgotten…

Dark Eldar Haemonculus

03/26/2012 Leave a comment

Second up today is a classic Haemonculus which I both started and finished yesterday.  This model is very special to me since I bought it from The Fantasy Shop in Maplewood, St Louis.   My wife’s from that fair city and while we married in Edinburgh we headded over the pond and had a second reception in the Schlafly Bottleworks.  When we got there I noticed the Fantasy Shop across the street and paid it a wee visit later on in our honeymoon where bought this model amongst others.

Dark Eldar Raider

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I’ve been a busy boy this weekend past.  First up I have my first new-style Raider to help the Kabal of The Sundered Heart reach their prey as quickly and – more importantly – as stylishly as possible.

Dark Eldar Talos

03/19/2012 Leave a comment

This weekend past I decided to finish a model I got for my 30th birthday over a year and a half ago.

While the new plastic Talos model is one of the best kits GW has yet produced, I do have a soft spot for the old metal version.  If one ignores the fact that it is the work of Satan to put the damned thing together, once it’s complete it’s a thing of macabre beauty and rewards the careful painter with many unexpected discoveries from flayed human faces to a seemingly never-ending number of hull-mounted skulls.  This is definitely my favourite model that I have painted this year.

Old Style Dark Eldar Raider

02/28/2012 Leave a comment

After sitting undercoated for close to three years in a plastic box I’ve finally my first and only old-skool Dark Eldar Raider. Now on to the new ones!


Dark Eldar Scourges

02/20/2012 Leave a comment

Presenting the first finished Scourge squad from the Kabal of the Sundered Heart.

The Solarite is armed with a Blast Pistol and Agoniser

I wanted to ensure that all the models had different coloured wings

My special weapons are the Heat Lance (L) and the Blaster (R)






Dark Eldar Pain Tokens

02/12/2012 Leave a comment

Ever since the the new Dark Eldar codex arrived I’ve been struggling with how to best model Pain Tokens.  The internet didn’t help, a quick search showed some bloody fantastic and elaborate ideas all of which required far more skill and time than I think I’ll always have.

Also, I didn’t want to spend extra money creating them which left me with the contents of my bitz boxes and after some experimentation I produced these:

The round bases are from some of the very old miniatures I stripped and sold on eBay a year ago and the skulls are Green Stuff casts of the wound marker from the 40K counter set.  I used Blu Stuff to create five impressions of this marker then made far more skulls than are represented here.

I’d originally intended to have the number of skulls on each base represent the level of Pain Token but I underestimated how large the skulls were, plus I only had a couple of spare larger bases.  That said, I think the painted markings work quite well. Also, I think I used a bit too much black ink but the great thing about this approach is that I have another 20 unpainted so there’s plenty of time to get it right!


Dark Eldar Scourge Solarite

01/09/2012 Leave a comment

For this week’s Miniature Monday submission I’m showing off the only model I managed to successfully complete during my Christmas holiday.

My far better half got me a set of Scourges for Christmas and I originally intended to have them all finished by now, unfortunately the commitments one often his thrust upon them at this time of year took their toll and only the Solarite is currently finished.


I kept the same scheme I used for my Kabalite Warriors since I reasoned that they’d adopt the colours of their current Archon, the only real problem I had was with the wings.  I decided to use a base of Dark Angels Green followed by a heavy drybrush of Mordian Blue with a light drybrush of Hawk Turquoise then finally a light wash of blue ink.  I might reapply the turquoise but I’ll see how the whole squad looks when finished.

Return to normality

12/27/2011 Leave a comment

Thank the gods that’s over!

I love spending time with friends and family over Christmas but as far as I’m concerned the best bit is waking up the morning after knowing that I have two weeks of no commitments other than those I choose to make myself.

Right now I’m relaxing in the spare room slowly assembling the Dark Eldar Scourges my Beloved got me for Christmas, if I’m industrious enough I might even have them ready for next week’s Miniature Monday.

I hope everyone’s holidays will be as relaxing and (hopefully) productive as mine.

Happy Accidents

12/06/2011 Leave a comment

One of the things I really love about the hobby is the occasional random discovery one makes completely by accident. A good example is my ever growing collection of models I’ve used to test colour schemes, generally I’m happy with most of the results produced but sometimes such results get used in some very unexpected ways.

A couple of years ago I bought a Valkyrie for my Imperial Guard, while I painted this in the colour scheme of the 57th Menasans I decided to be true to the fluff and paint the four crew in different colours to represent the fact they belonged to a branch of the Imperial Navy. At this point however painter’s block hit, while I knew I wanted to keep the two tone aesthetic of the Menasans I had to make them distinct.

Cue a quick trip to my local hobby store and the purchase of a set of five basic plastic Cadians. I knew I wanted either a grey or a blue tone for my crew so I very roughly painted these.

(L-R) Mordian Blue & Smurf Blue with Badab Black wash. MB & SB with Devlan Mud wash. Fortress Grey and Codex Grey with BB wash. FG and CG with Devlan Mud wash.

In the end I went with the blue and Badab Black wash but you really can’t tell the difference between that and the one washed with Devlan Mud, something to remember for the future.

This left me with one remaining model, since I’d recently bought a box of foundation paints I decided to pick two colours I thought would go well together and see what happened and this was the result.

"I'm a Lonely Soldier!"

After this model was completed I put it on a shelf and forgot all about it. That is until I started my Dark Eldar army six months later.

At the time the new codex was still just a rumour of a rumour, indeed it would be a further eleven months until its release. As such there was little in the way of cheap models with which to test my ideas for Warrior and Wych colour schemes. In the end I decided to use the cheap set of four Craftworld Eldar Guardians and produced the following four options.

While the one on the far left ended up being the basis for my Kabalite Warriors I wasn’t completely sold on any of the others for use by my Wyches. After a few days of unproductive cerebral meandering I happened to glance at the random red and purple guardsman I’d painted on a whim and realised that its scheme was perfect! As you can see below, the scheme survived the transition almost without change.

I often wonder what other random afterthoughts of mine will one day turn into something productive. Can’t wait to find out!