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Chaos Land Raider – WIP 1

05/21/2015 1 comment

Here in Edinburgh we have an extra long weekend thanks to Queen Liz not being dead yet (thanks ma’am 🙂 ) so I’ve decided to make a start on a project I’ve been looking forward to for a very, very long time.

I’ve wanted a Land Raider for my Chaos army since its inception, especially given my abysmal luck with the Deep Strike Mishap Table!  Plus, Land Raiders are so very cool.

So far I’ve managed to take off the icons of the Corpse God and made a start on the sub-assemblies.


It’s really not much to look at yet but I’m going to take a lot of time to ensure that this is as good as my modest abilities allow.  Plus, once this is done I should have the confidence to build a couple of more – esoteric – Raiders…

The 2015 #WAACChallenge – Part 2: Model Built (almost)

04/11/2015 Leave a comment

It’s here!

I spent a little time today building this guy. 

The resin base is from the 40K Basing Kit, I still need to put some more Green Stuff down to fully cover the gap.

As well as drilling the barrel, I’ve added a Space Marine targeter to help him shoot vaguely straight.

I decided against attaching the model to the base at this point and, once done, I’ll pin it in place for added resilience. 

I was also wrong about this model being a standard Ork Boy, from what looks like an old White Dwarf or Citadel Catalogue, he appears to be a Nob. 


That might help with the selling price, right?

Dark Angels Dreadnought WIP – 2

03/28/2015 Leave a comment

Spent  a bit more time on this today.  Think I’ll be able to have the body and at least one set of weapons done by the end of the weekend.

Brother Elias

Dark Angels Dreadnought – WIP 1

03/23/2015 Leave a comment

I’m finally making a bit of progress with my first loyalist Dreadnought in over twenty years.

Still deciding on this chap’s name.

Still a lot of work to do, and I’ve not even started on the weapons!

The Orphans of The Imperium Return

01/20/2015 Leave a comment

Yup, as promised I’m completely ignoring the pathetic cries of my half-finished Warpsmith and instead decided to crack on with the boxes of Militarum Tempestus Scions I got for my birthday last year.

I’ve three boxes of Scions and one Taurox to build which’ll give me a full squad and command squad with transport for some. Such as shame I’ll have to buy another Taurox…

I also have a full squad of the old metal Stormtroopers that I’ll strip and repaint which means I’ll sooner or later have enough to field a decent allied detachment.

Yesterday evening I made a start on the Scion squad. Thus far all the torsos and legs are assembled but I couldn’t resist building one to completion.


Tuesday’s my RPG night so I won’t get back to these chaps until Wednesday, really looking forward to seeing how these turn out.

Daemon Prince – WIP 2

01/07/2015 1 comment

Managed to get a bit more work done this evening. Still not quite sure how I’ll do the face but I’m sure I’ll think of something!


Daemon Prince – WIP 1

01/03/2015 Leave a comment

Spent a couple of hours getting this chap progressed.


As you can see, the skin is almost done but the I’ve only just started on the armour. Despite its relative age, this is one of the best models I’ve worked on in some time 🙂

A Princely Gift

12/30/2014 1 comment



And yes, I know I have to finish my Warpsmith, shut up!

My lovely and far too understanding wife surprised me with a GW gift voucher so I was obliged to get something fancy. Plus, it’s time my Heralds of Desolation got their Chapter Master 🙂

Chaos Space Marine Warpsmith – WIP 3

12/20/2014 2 comments

So much metal!


I think this is going to take far longer than anticipated but I hope the results will be worth it.

Chaos Space Marine Warpsmith – WIP 2

12/17/2014 Leave a comment

Well, that was a bit of a toughy!

After a good hour of dryfitting, blu-tac fitting and finally hope-the-hell-this-works super glue fitting I finally have the main body of the Warpsmith finished.#


The backpack top needed a tiny bit of Green Stuff to fill an unsightly gap, but otherwise it worked quite well.

As you can see, the bottom of the dude’s axe still needs more straightening but I think a couple more blasts of the hairdryer should do it.  I’ve also left the base off as well as the four Mechatendrils which will be painted separately else I’d go crazy.