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Chaos Space Marine Warpsmith – WIP 1

12/14/2014 2 comments

Well, that wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d feared. It took me a little under an hour to turn this:


To this:


I think I’ll need to straighten the axe some more, but that’s enough for today. What really impressed me though is that the only air bubble was on the sole of the left foot, and that’ll be covered by the base.

Not really looking forward to building this but I can’t wait to get started on the painting stage.

Oh, boy!

12/14/2014 Leave a comment

As the ink dries on my soon-to-be-completed Dark Angels Assault Marines, I’ve finally settled on my next project, this!


I bought the Warpsmith from the Glasgow Games Workshop in early 2013 while I was through attending a training course for work and the box has been sitting on the shelf, mocking me. If you can filter out the insane amounts of flash, you’ll see that there are only twelve pieces.

How hard can this be?

Dark Angels Assault Squad – WIP 2

12/13/2014 Leave a comment

After buying nearly all the Christmas presents this afternoon (still have no idea what I’m getting the wife…) I cracked on with my Assault Squad.


All that’s left are the weapons, company marking and small details such as skulls and purity seals. Should have them done tomorrow.

Dark Angels Assault Squad – WIP 1

12/10/2014 1 comment

Ages ago (well September last year), I started these models, but I put them on ice for so many reasons. Now though, I’ve dusted (not literally, they were in a Tupperware box) them off and hope to have them ready soon.

This evening, I spent just under an hour working on the squad’s sergeant.


My beloved wife has asked to have a game with me over the holidays so I’d like to get these done sooner rather than later. I am however aware how often I say this…

Chaos Space Marine Bikers – WIP 1

11/24/2014 1 comment

After a good seven hours over the weekend, here’s how they are now.


I’ve decided to make them my Slaaneshi contingent as I figured that the heightened sensations that come from riding very fast on lumps of metal into near-certain death is just the sort of thing these freaks love. The fact that they get +1 Initiative with the Mark and 5+ Feel No Pain with their icon is a nice bonus 😉

I’ve a game next Monday with regular Trenchmate, Tim. They’d better be ready…

Chaos Space Marine Heldrake – WIP 5

11/14/2014 1 comment

Soon, very soon it will be finished. You hear me, Chant?


Chaos Space Marine Heldrake – WIP 4

09/04/2014 1 comment

Now that I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things I’ve been able to progress my Heldrake some more.


It’s now almost done, it still needs some tidying up, shading and (obviously) full assembly but I’m fairly confident I can get this done by the end of the week.

Dark Angels Rhino – WIP

07/17/2014 Leave a comment

I recently I picked on eBay a BNIB Rhino for a tenner and even though I’ve got a million things on the go, I thought I’d knock it out quickly as I’ve not painted a loyalist Rhino since 1993!

I managed to build it in a little under half an hour and here it is forty minutes thereafter.


Now the part I like, detailing it before fixing the colour with a black ink glaze.

Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion – WIP

07/12/2014 1 comment

Today I decided that I’d like to use a different Aspiring Champion in my game tomorrow so I looked out this guy who had been sitting assembled and undercoated in a box for the past eighteen months. This is what I’ve managed to get done in the last couple of hours.


I’m heading out to a house warming this evening but I’ll have him ready for tomorrow afternoon’s game 🙂

Chaos Space Marine Heldrake – WIP 3

07/09/2014 1 comment

Getting there.


Both the wings are done and the body, as you can see, is coming along nicely. Love this model 🙂