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Chaos Space Marine Heldrake – WIP 2

07/04/2014 1 comment

Not much progress this week thanks to a new arrival in the household, more on that in a bit. However I was able to steal a quick half hour this afternoon and got started on one of the wing assemblies.


This model is an absolute joy to paint, however what is a far greater joy to behold is this little lady!



Her name is Hervör Bygulardöttir, she’s a about eleven weeks old and is very distracting 🙂

Chaos Space Marine Heldrake – WIP 1

06/23/2014 Leave a comment

I love this kit! It was such a joy to put together. Now to the painting station 🙂


Fly, My Pretty!

06/22/2014 1 comment

Ok. so I have zero self control.

I’m playing my second game of the seventh edition next Sunday against a Tzeentch daemon army and the plan is to also use this game to give the new Astra Militarum codex a whirl as my guard have been neglected of late.

Yesterday I started to build up some new defences for the army, you can see them in the top right of the picture. However, I then got a bit distracted by something else. Can you guess what it is?


Pity me 😉

Definitely something.

06/16/2014 1 comment

Well, it’s built.



I won’t be able to completely paint it for this weekend’ game however I should be able to make it presentable enough then worry about the details next week.

Ruined… something

06/15/2014 Leave a comment

Now that my squad of Chaos Cultists is almost complete I decided to try and get a new piece of terrain completed for the game next Saturday. I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew…


It’s only about half-built but all the other pieces have been clipped and tidied so I have a tiny chance of having it ready.

Possessed Chaos Space Marines – WIP 2

06/04/2014 1 comment

Today was the first chance I had to really progress these minis since the weekend. After a further couple of hours, here’s what they look like.


My initial plan was to batch paint them as I do with my more normal marines but after adding the rest of the blue effects to the armour I realised that they’re just too damn different!

As such I decided to start with Batboy, at this stage he does look far too cartoony but I’ve only just started on the red effects.

I really like these models, I’m definitely going to get some more, both of the Citadel plastic and the new fancy Forge World Gal Vorbak models that they teased us with last month. Aren’t they lovely?


Possessed Chaos Space Marines – WIP

06/01/2014 2 comments

For one, I’ve actually stuck to one of my plans! Yesterday I wrote here that I might start on my possessed marines today and low and behold, I’ve actually done it!


On a side note, I bought these almost exactly a year ago with some birthday money, hopefully I’ll start to get faster again…

On another side note, this is also my first submission as part of the Game & Gears Paint Day 2014. For more information, clicky.

Officio Prefectus Commissar – WIP

05/30/2014 Leave a comment

Those of you who know me on Facebook will most likely know that due to ‘business pressures’ my holiday next week has even cancelled. As such, my planned Big Project is being pushed back for a while so instead I’ve decided to press ahead with this chap.

Here he is after half an hour’s work.


I love Commissars (as a manager in the civil service, I can certainly relate to them 😉 ), indeed the original metal Commissar models from the late eighties first inspired me to put down the blood red power armour and pick up the bloodied and torn flack jacket.

I’m going to enjoy this 🙂

Leman Russ Resurrection – Part 3

05/05/2014 Leave a comment

It’s alive! It took me longer than is anticipated but here’s how the old girl looks now.






At the last minute I decided to replace the hull-mounted Lascannon with a Heavy Bolter and add on a removable ‘Dozer Blade but aside from that it looks as I had originally intended.

I’ll get it undercoated before I turn in, I should be able to have it looking all pretty by the end of the week.

Leman Russ Resurrection – Part 2

05/04/2014 2 comments

With the stripping nearly complete I’ve started on the new tank commander. The parts have mostly come from my Bitz Box however as I recently picked up a Taurox Prime kit, I’ve taken the moustachioed Scion Commander head since it’s extraordinarily cool and the perfect look for a potential Tank Commander.


As you can probably see, the neck will need a bit of Green Stuff but you get the idea.

Tomorrow I hope to have the tank reassembled and undercoated.