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Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion

08/04/2014 Leave a comment

Despite my temporary exile to the kitchen I’ve still been able to slowly progress a few projects.

Last night I finished this chap.





The building behind is my next main project, but I’d like to squeeze in a few more small things as I go along.

Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champion – WIP

07/12/2014 1 comment

Today I decided that I’d like to use a different Aspiring Champion in my game tomorrow so I looked out this guy who had been sitting assembled and undercoated in a box for the past eighteen months. This is what I’ve managed to get done in the last couple of hours.


I’m heading out to a house warming this evening but I’ll have him ready for tomorrow afternoon’s game 🙂

What’s on my desk this week

03/11/2013 Leave a comment

Since I’ve actually managed to clear my immediate to-do pile of Chaos Marines I thought I’d share with you, dear reader, what I’m moving on to.


I’m sticking with the Chaos theme as Tim (and others) has been gently bugging me for ages to pull my finger out and get a viable fighting force. That said, I may have to be ultra beardy and field them with some Dark Eldar allies to make up the numbers.

Plus I get to paint my first Rhino in almost twenty years. God, I feel old.