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Ravenwing Bike Squad

11/13/2015 Leave a comment

The best huntsmen in the galaxy (yes, including the White Scars) are now ready for battle.

Ravenwing Bike Squad 01


Ravenwing Bike Squad 02


Ravenwing Bike Squad 03


Ravenwing Bike Squad 04


I loved painting these miniatures.  Initially I was somewhat put off since it was impossible to paint the riders separately as these Dark Vengeance models incorporate parts of them into the bikes however once I got started things managed to fall nicely into place.

The Ravenwing is my favourite Dark Angels company, eventually I would like to have enough to field nothing but them in battle.

Ravenwing Bike Squad 05

No Fallen will escape, this we swear.


Ravenwing Attack Bike

10/24/2015 4 comments

Managed to get this finished today. 

 Before I lose momentum I’m going to try to get the three bikes that came with the Dark Vengeance set finished. After that, I’ll almost have a functional Dark Angels army 🙂


07/01/2015 1 comment

I’m so weak! As I’m through in Glasgow on business I thought I’d pop into the local Warhammer Store to pick up some 32mm bases. 

Things didn’t go entirely to plan. 

This means that my commitment to buying no new models in July lasted approximately twelve and a half hours…