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Trenchmates – The Last Days of The Angels by Ballistic Skill Four

08/11/2012 1 comment

Welcome to the first Trenchmates article. Today we hear from Philip of the Ballistic Skill Four painting studio who are detailing their project to create a series of dioramas depicting the end of the Blood Angels chapter.

We are Ballistic Skill Four painting studio, and want to announce the released of the “Last Days of the Angels´´ Indiegogo campaign. The fictitious end of the glorious chapter known as Blood Angels.

Our goal is to make between eight to fifteen dioramas. Each one tells how a Tyranid invasion goes taking strength and how the blood angels organize the last stand until the final breath.  

We have completed the first diorama of the series. A handful of blood angels resisting in a corridor against a huge wave of Tyranid Genestealers. 

Our idea is realize the largest compilation of diorama of all Warhammer 40,000. But we need to tell a good story too. 

The dioramas will be the following:

  1. The invasion starts. First diorama of the series. A lonely outpost see how the first spore falls to the ground.
  2. Six hours after the beginning of the invasion. The first attack against the fortress doors. In this diorama the space marines resist and the door is unharmed. Hundreds of Tyranids corpses pile up under the arch.
  3. Twenty hours after the beginning of the invasion. The Tyranids change their strategy. Mawlocs arise from the ground in a dozen of different points throughout all the fortress . A torrent of small creatures follow them. Marines are caught in this new attack and various parts of the fortress fall. 
  4. Forty-eight hours after the beginning of the invasion. Once the Tyranid force take strength, the Genestealers do the first spearhead advance going over some important corridors. In the diorama, we can see a handful of blood angels resisting the wave.
  5. Sixty hours after the beginning of the invasion. Most of the fortress has fallen. Mephiston, Lord of Death, a iconic blood angel hero, defend   the great main hall of the chapter.  In the diorama he appears alone and surrounded by enemies, killing hundreds of creatures with his mighty psychic powers. Finally, he dies defending the greatest relics of the chapter.
  6. Four days after the beginning of the invasion. Five entire blood angel companies have been annihilated and the half of the fortress is in ruins. This diorama will show the intricate labyrinth of tunnels under the fortress the Tyranids have made. Like an ant farm. And how these creatures organize for the war. Various chambers are used to pile up space marines corpses, for re-use the genetic biomaterial. 
  7. The fortress has fallen. The regrouped blood angel survivors led by Dante succumb to the blood thirst. Members of all kind of squads wear the black in their armours. Wounded and outnumbered, with all their comrades dead and the Baal planet in the brink of destruction, these warriors march to the final fight. This diorama will show how a small troop of twenty blood angels launch a suicide strike against the heart of the Tyranid Nidus below the fortress. 
  8. Thirty days after the fall of the fortress. Help comes late. The Flesh Tearers, a successor chapter, reaches the desolate fortress. This diorama will show how these space marines come upon the alone corridors and chambers, only finding death in their path. All is in silence, seems as if there was anyone…

For the moment this is the script, good ideas are accepted. But this isn’t the  end… Seven dioramas more missing to complete the 15 of the total. What happen with the last survivors, where are the Tyranids at the Flesh Tearers arrive? and why does the blood angel fortress fall so quickly?…

If you help us to do the LAST DAYS OF THE ANGELS in our Indiegogo campaign you will see all this and more.

You can see the trailer here:


And the campaign here.

We need help from people to complete all the series. This is only the beginning. People can do a contribution and receive a piece of the diorama as gift.

Thanks to Philip for talking about this fantastic project, I’m really looking forward to seeing how this progresses, remember you can also follow Ballistic Skill Four on Twitter via @BallisticSkill4.  

If you would like to contribute to Threnchmates all you need to know can be found here, I look forward to hearing from you.