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The Best Laid Plans…

12/08/2013 Leave a comment

As the day of The Move trundles ever closer with all the inevitability of a Baneblade, I’m getting less and less time to devote to anything remotely hobby-related.

This afternoon, after a mammoth trip to the local recycling centre, I decided to reward myself by building and painting a miniature I’ve been looking forward to for ages, my Finecast Fabius Bile. However, due to a staggering example of my ineptitude, this was all I managed to get done.


Y’see, while I ensured I had a nice sharp blade and sufficient Green Stuff just in case, I completely failed to check to see if I had any super glue left! By the time I realised my error, all the hobby shops and DIY centres were closed so I decided to see if I could make any headway with my Berserker Rhino.


If you compare it to my last post you most likely won’t see much difference, however I spent a good ninety minutes tidying it up and adding a bit more detail to the skulls, gunner and Dirge Caster. I’m also going to experiment with the Blood for The Blood God technical paint that I recently purchased once it’s nearer completion.

Anyway, that’s all for now. I’d better get on and pack a couple more boxes before I turn in.

Getting Technical

12/03/2013 Leave a comment

This morning a parcel of hobby goodness arrived at my desk.


I’m really looking forward to trying these out. If I’m able, I’ll post a brief review this weekend.

Khârn The Betrayer

06/02/2013 1 comment

Somewhat later than I’d anticipated but I’ve finally finished Khârn.



As is clear, I stuck fairly close to the classic Khârn look but darkened the tone slightly to fit with my Berserkers.  I thoroughly enjoyed painting this chap, I’m really looking forward to adding more of his mates to my army.

Khârn you dig it?

05/01/2013 Leave a comment

I’d say that’ll be the last Khârn-related pun but you know I’l lying 😉 Anyway, today I started work on the first character for my Chaos Marines and it had to be Khârn. While my Heralds of Desolation are (more or less) a Chaos Undivided mob, I love the background of the former Warhound Legion Captain not to use him.


As you can see, I’ve only just begun construction but thus far I’m impressed. Some people don’t know that this model first appeared in 1995 during the prime of the game’s second edition, while many models have been quite righty superseded, I think that this sculpt stands the test of time.

Finecast has definitely given the old boy a new lease of life. Many do complain about the far too frequent casting errors and yes this model was not perfect, there was a medium sized bubble on the torso but nothing that couldn’t been repaired with some Green Stuff and some patience. That said, the details were crisp and there was only a small amount of flash to clean.

I’m somewhat busy tonight so full assembly will have to wait for tomorrow. Can I get it ready for Miniature Monday?

Yes I Khârn!

(Still not sorry!)

Blood for The Blood God!

04/28/2013 1 comment

It looks like my Heralds of Desolation are finally starting to take shape and their latest additions are these lovely balanced young gentlemen.





Khorne Berserker Skull Champion

04/15/2013 2 comments

This weekend I mainly concentrated on finishing my Khorne Berserkers. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get them all done so in lieu of a group photo I thought that for now I’ll just post the completed Skull Champion.


Apologies again for the crap photo, I’ll use my proper camera for the full squad.

First Khorne Berserker Finished

04/05/2013 Leave a comment

I’ve finally finished my first Khorne Berserker 🙂


Apologies for the crappy picture, I’ll post a better one once the rest of the squad’s done.

I decided not to production line them until I had the first one finished but the rest are catching up, they only need the brass effects and detail work completed.