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The Faceless Horde – the first of my Chaos Cultists emerge

06/21/2014 1 comment

Just in time, I managed to get the first of my Chaos Cultist squads ready for today’s game.




I’m really happy with how these turned out, they even performed well (as well as could be expected) in the game, but more of that in another post.

Quick and dirty chaos cultist

06/05/2014 Leave a comment

Is there any other sort? Anyway, I’ve had a change of plan and since my first game of the 7th edition is coming up I thought I’d go for quantity over quality so I dusted off the 35 cultists that have been sitting unhappy and undercoated for far too long and got cracking.

This gent took me about forty minutes.


I think it’s up to a decent standard but as these guys are basilar a horde unit I really don’t have time to give them that much individual attention.


07/06/2013 1 comment

Have I bitten off more than I can chew?


Possibly, although I’d love to get them all done tomorrow I think it’s realistic enough to expect them to be done within ten days or so. Once finished I’ll have at least 1,600 points of painted units.

And then, to war!

Happy Christmas!

12/25/2012 Leave a comment




Today my wife spoiled me with some hobby goodness 🙂



That’s my evening sorted, thanks honey! x