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Chaos Spawn

11/29/2015 Leave a comment

Chaos Spawn

Having needed a break from my Deathwing, I decided to get these chaps painted. I assembled them a few years ago and for reasons I forget, I never got around to painting them.

Unfortunately they had not survived the move to our new house unscathed so I spent most of Friday evening gluing their arms, tentacles and claws back on.  Damned if I know how I’ll transport them to games.

Painting-wise, the one of the left was given my proposed Nurgle scheme.  I think I’ll have to tweak it somewhat before I start on my Herald and Nurglings but it’s almost there.  The one on the right was painted in the same manner as my Bloodletters however I used a purple ink wash in place of the black.

Both these were painted very quickly (I think it shows) but I’m fairly happy with the results.  The great thing about Chaos Spawn is that their very nature means that it’s possible to paint them in a near infinite number of ways so I’m relishing the chance to experiment with other spawn down the line.

The most important part of a wargamer’s arsenal

08/05/2012 2 comments

Today I’d like to write about what is hands down the most important part of a wargamer’s life.  It’s not one’s own dice (although this article makes a very decent defence), nor is it an inexhaustible supply of Devlan Mud, it’s not even that lucky infantry model that must be in your army no matter its tactical worth.

Rather, the most important part of a wargamer’s life is a loving partner.

Unlike many people in The Real World, our partners understand us.  They may not share our interest in little soldiers but they accept that part of us, they let us occupy the main room for hours at a time while our homes’ largest table becomes a bitterly contested warzone, they (usually) don’t mind if you stay up into the small hours carefully painting highlights onto power armour and they accept that we would far rather have a lovely miniature for Christmas rather than a CD or book.  Some of us have even been provided with new future opponents.

Indeed, it’s possible that I would not have got back into the hobby if it weren’t for my wife.  For my 29th birthday, Becky got me a £50 GW voucher which I used to help me pick up the 5th edition Warhammer 40K rulebook, the Imperial Guard Codex and a squad of Cadians.  I’ve never looked back since.

Indeed, when we married less than a year later, Becky suggested that I create Chaos Spawn wedding cake toppers for the ceremony.

In short, I wouldn’t be the man I am, no less the wargamer I am, without Becky’s love and support and I’m sure that others feel the same way about their better halves.  Our partners bring out the best of us, cherish them.

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Wedding Spawn

12/19/2011 4 comments

For this week’s Miniature Monday submission I thought I’d do something a bit different and show you a couple of models I painted especially for my own wedding eighteen months ago.

When my wife and I were planning our wedding we wanted to make it as unique to us as possible. Since my wife is a professional graphic artist/novelist she designed the lion’s share of the material from the splendidly creepy invitations to the designs on the candleholders. I wanted to contribute in some meaningful way and since I had recently returned to the hobby I volunteered to paint a couple of miniatures to be used as Wedding Cake toppers.

My initial plan was to be lazy and use a Bretonian Damsel and an Imperial Guardsman but one evening as I was flicking through Codex Chaos Marines my beloved started giggling at a photo of two Chaos Spawn and I knew they’d be perfect. Not only that but luckily enough my wife thought this was a superb idea, these are the results:

I tired to include elements of both us in our individual spawn. My one has a small kilt and while my hairline isn’t that bad it’s certainly getting that way! Likewise I made a small version of my wife’s hat out of Green Stuff and netting and coloured the rear tentacles to match what her hair colour was when we first met. Also both models sport small wedding rings on their talons. Also, as a comparison, here’s what we actually looked like.