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Fifty Day Nurgle Challenge – Day 18: Music to My Ears

08/19/2018 1 comment

What a week it’s been!  My productivity slowed a bit as Edinburgh during August has a number of pleasant diversions that can take a chap away from his painting desk 🙂

No matter, I’m still on track.

I painted this Sloppity Bilepiper over the weekend.

Sloppity Bilepiper 01

Sloppity Bilepiper 04

Sloppity Bilepiper 02

My wife got me this an a Spoilpox Scrivener for my birthday earlier this year so I’m especially pleased to finish this.

Next up is one of the Blight Drones from the Dark Imperium box and more Poxwalkers.

Daemonic Reinforcements Part One: Bloodletters of Khorne

02/08/2015 1 comment

After finishing my Daemon Prince last month, I thought it only appropriate to get some lesser daemons for him to summon. My plan is to buy and paint a unit a month until I have one for each of the four Chaos Gods.

First up, some Bloodletters.


I’ve always wanted some of these since I first started dabbling in Chaos a few years ago. The paint job was a cut down version I used on my Daemon Prince but I think it works.

New month, some Horrors 🙂