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Dark Angels Company Master

09/15/2015 5 comments

Got this gent finished on Monday evening. Quite pleased with it. 



Love the new upgrade sprue, coupled with the new FW upgrade parts will make my life a lot easier!

Dark Angels Company Master – WIP

09/07/2015 Leave a comment

I have too many Space Marine Captains. There, I’ve said it. Problem is, they’re either all on-sprue or sitting in the Drawer of Shame waiting to be painted. 

So, what do I do? I build another and bump him to the head of the queue!

As you can see, I’m using the Space Marine Commander kit with the recently released Dark Angels Upgrade set. I thought about modding it further but I have to say it’s a good look as is. 

Hope to get it finished by the end of the week, real life permitting as always…