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Dark Angels Primaris Inceptors

11/18/2021 Leave a comment

After much gnashing of teeth and shouting to the heavens warp, I finally finshed my first bouncy Primaris unit.

Originally I’d hoped to use the supplied flying stems, but no glue in the world would stick them securely and I’m too clumsy/lazy to even consider pinning such a small connection Fortunately I have a ton of spare scenery bits so after attacking some unfortunate sprues with clippers and a saw, you see the results before you.

Dark Angels Tactical Squad in Mk IV Armour

09/17/2021 Leave a comment

I’ve not been able to proper paint in a while, so I thought the best way to get back into the habit was to go back to my roots so-to-speak and paint something old school, and you don’t get much older than the First Legion in Heresy-era armour!

I used the current Mk IV plastic kit mixed with parts from the non-Primaris Dark Angels upgrade sprue, fairly basic paint jobs, but given how long I’ve been out of practice, I’m quite happy.

I actually managed to use five of these in my first game of 9th Edition a few weekends ago and while my army was certainly pretty, things didn’t go that well for the Unforgiven…

Dark Angels Devastator Squad

07/29/2018 2 comments

After far too long (I’m detecting a theme here), I’ve finally finished my Unforgiven’s first Devastator Squad.

Devastators 01Devastators 02Devastators 03Devastators 04Devastators 05Devastators 06Devastators 07

I was amazed by the generosity of the kit as I genuinely did not expect to have the parts nescessary to build all the remaining weapons (two each of Grav Cannon, Heavy Bolter, Multimelta and Plasma Cannon).  As virtually every wargammer, I have plenty of spare unbuilt marines so these extra weapons will see a paint brush soon.

However, I’ve a couple of Big Projects on the horizon which will keep me busy for the next two months or so…

Dark Angel Primaris Lieutenant

04/23/2018 Leave a comment

Primaris Lieutenant

So glad I finally got this done, took me far longer than I’d thought but it was fun, especially towards the end where I was able to spend time on the more ornate details.

Now, onto Cypher 🙂

Dark Angels Primaris Intercessors

03/11/2018 Leave a comment

I’ve been playing around with a number of projects this year but the only one to actually get to the finishing post has been the first of the reinforcements from the Ultima Founding.

Primaris Intercessors 01

Primaris Intercessors 02

Primaris Intercessors 03

I have to admit that when I first heard about the Primaris Marines I was not that enthusiastic about matters but as the story’s evolved I’ve certainly come around.

The models themselves were a joy to assemble and paint and as I bought the fancy pants Dark Angels box I have enough chapter-specific upgrade parts to do a couple of squads of Aggressors.


Dark Angels Imperial Marine

05/07/2016 1 comment

Even though the First Legion and greatest Space Marine Chapter Of All Time can’t technically field this chap, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have one.

Imperial Marine 01


Imperial Marine 03


Imperial Marine 02


Imperial Marine 04


I loved painting this model, I wish that more were made in this range but I guess we’ll have to wait for the 40th anniversary 😉

As you can see from the last photo, I decided to paint the 5th Company’s mark in the circle sculpted onto the right pauldron, unfortunately my freehand painting skills aren’t good enough yet to paint on the Chapter icon so I had to use a transfer.  As I seldom use them, I had forgotten how big they were, I didn’t think it would have obscured the company mark so thoroughly!  Oh well, live and learn.



Dark Angels Razorback

01/17/2016 1 comment

The first finished model of 2016!  This will ferry my Company Master and Command Squad into battle (once I finish painting the Command Squad, that is).

Dark Angels Razorback 01

I used the Forge World Dark Angel Doors and Front Plate and would thoroughly recommend them, to all First Legion commanders.  My only issue was that the doors required a lot of careful filling before they would fit.  The end result was entirely worth it, I’m really pleased with this model.

Dark Angels Razorback 02


Dark Angels Razorback 03


Dark Angels Razorback 04


Dark Angels Razorback 05


Dark Angels Razorback 06


As you can see, I even painted the interior.  I have always shied away from painting the insides of Rhinos and their cousins but I after painting the interior of my Chaos Land Raider I discovered it wasn’t that difficult and doesn’t really take that long.

Now, on to the Command Squad…

Deathwing Terminator

11/15/2015 2 comments

This is the first loyalist termie I’ve painted in close to 20 years. 

As you can see, the model’s from the Dark Vengeance set. Before starting on this squad I’d heard horror stories about painting them but once I’d got started the whole process took maybe three hours. 

Now that the first one’s done I’m going to production line the rest. 

Ravenwing Bike Squad

11/13/2015 Leave a comment

The best huntsmen in the galaxy (yes, including the White Scars) are now ready for battle.

Ravenwing Bike Squad 01


Ravenwing Bike Squad 02


Ravenwing Bike Squad 03


Ravenwing Bike Squad 04


I loved painting these miniatures.  Initially I was somewhat put off since it was impossible to paint the riders separately as these Dark Vengeance models incorporate parts of them into the bikes however once I got started things managed to fall nicely into place.

The Ravenwing is my favourite Dark Angels company, eventually I would like to have enough to field nothing but them in battle.

Ravenwing Bike Squad 05

No Fallen will escape, this we swear.


Ravenwing Bike

11/02/2015 Leave a comment

Managed to get something done for #MinatureMonday for the first time in what seems like ages 🙂

Ideally I’d like to be further along with his two squad mates, but at least this chap’s ready for action.

Ravenwine Bike 01

Ravenwine Bike 02