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10/16/2016 2 comments

As promised in my last post, I’ve returned to my Drawer of Shame and resurrected another minute I started all too long ago.

I started this little beastie in August 2013, it was the first time I used the then-new Citadel Colour Sprays and I even blogged about it.  I quickly grew frustrated with this project as I’d made a schoolboy error in fully assembling the kit before painting.  As a result I gave up with but a single Ectoplasma Cannon painted and it languished in The Drawer for over three years.

Until last week.


I’m so very glad that I managed to finish this guy, I think as a reward I’ll start on something totally new before venturing back into my long and inglorious history of half-finished projects.

The new Citadel Colour Sprays – First Impressions

09/08/2013 6 comments


This weekend I picked up a can of the new Macragge Blue spray paint. Since GW revamped their range of paints eighteen or so months ago, this colour has been the base colour for my Chaos Marines and since I loathe using an airbrush I was looking forward to this product’s arrival.

As you can no doubt tell, the Forgefiend above has been sprayed with the new paint. It took maybe three minutes to apply the coat and did not require a second.

So far as I can tell, it appears to be a perfect match to the existing colour and even if there is a slight variance it’ll not be apparent after I’m done painting the model.

Right now I can’t give any estimates as to a can’s longevity and value for money but as I’ll be using a significant amount of it (and Caliban Green…) over the next few months I’ll report back once I’ve formed an opinion.

In all, this seems to be a good, reasonably priced, product. It’s going to make my painting life a whole lot easier.


07/06/2013 1 comment

Have I bitten off more than I can chew?


Possibly, although I’d love to get them all done tomorrow I think it’s realistic enough to expect them to be done within ten days or so. Once finished I’ll have at least 1,600 points of painted units.

And then, to war!