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Getting Back in The Groove

11/28/2013 Leave a comment

As previously mentioned here my updates will be somewhat intermittent for a while as my wife and I are moving into our first grown up house next month.

Nevertheless, I’m still trying to get at least some painting and building in just to keep what skills I have vaguely in shape. As such, tonight I literally dusted off a part-finished Bastion that I’d more or less basedcoated and managed to get a reasonably productive half hour’s work done.


With the concrete effect more or less finished I made a start on the metal reinforced areas. While it’s no where near done, at least I’ve painted something instead of spending my free time packing boxes and planning how best to set up my new hobby cave.

More on that later 😉

Imperial Bastion – WIP

03/28/2013 1 comment

While I won’t inflict on you, dear reader, a daily progress update as I did for my Chaos Rhino, I thought I’d provide a quick update regarding the Imperial Bastion I started on Sunday.


I wasn’t able to do much throughout the week, only managing to spray on the Mechanicus Standard Grey basecoat before this evening. I’m trying to replicate the colour scheme I used for my Wall of Martyrs Bunker but this time circumstances require me to use nothing but the new range of Citadel paints. Still, thus far I think it’s looking ok and I hope to have it (and more) finished by the end of the Easter long weekend.

New Projects!

03/23/2013 1 comment

Even though I promised myself I’d get my Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour done this weekend, the thought of painting more blue didn’t really appeal. Fortunately I have a few boxes of stuff I got at Christmas still unassembled so I decided to make a start on my first Imperial Bastion and some Khorne Berserkers.


The Bastion took a lot longer to build than I’d anticipated so I was only able to undercoat it. Luckily I was able to make a bit more progress with the Khornate infantry.


I based them with (surprise, surprise) Khone Red before washing with Carroburg Crimson. I’m thinking about edging with Screaming Bell then glazing with Nuln Oil. I’ll give it a shot tomorrow.