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Ruined… something

06/15/2014 Leave a comment

Now that my squad of Chaos Cultists is almost complete I decided to try and get a new piece of terrain completed for the game next Saturday. I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew…


It’s only about half-built but all the other pieces have been clipped and tidied so I have a tiny chance of having it ready.


02/26/2014 3 comments

A week after starting this mini-project, I’m very pleased to say it’s finished.









The Heralds of Desolation capture an Imperial Manufactorum, who knows for what end?

The Heralds of Desolation capture an Imperial Manufactorum, who knows for what end?


I really enjoyed building and painting this terrain piece.  This was the first time I have used the Typhus Corrosion technical paint and, while it took a bit of getting used to, helped me create some nice rust effects.  I’ve also tried to keep the colours in keeping with the other Manufactorum terrain piece that I painted some time ago.

I think that this building will be great to use as an objective in some games, but it’s too small to use as a bastion.  Can’t wait to include it in my next game 🙂

I still have the rest of the Imperial Sector box to build, I hope to create another whole building as well as some ruins.

Manufactorum – WIP 3

02/25/2014 Leave a comment

Almost finished this mini-project.


The details, such that they are, are more or less done. While it’s very tempting to go overboard, I’m trying to keep it fairly simple so as not to detract from my armies’ models.

That said, I’m going to experiment for the first time with the Typhus Corrosion technical paint. Looking forward to it.

Manufactorum – WIP 2

02/24/2014 Leave a comment

Yesterday I finished basing and undercoating my new Manufactorum and today I spent a relaxing half hour drybrushing it with my last dregs of Boltgun Metal.


That’s all for tonight but since I’m on holiday this week, I imagine I’ll make some more progress tomorrow.

And so it begins…

02/19/2014 Leave a comment


After a gap of at least two years, I’m finally getting more scenery built. I picked up an Imperial Sector box ages ago (when it was considerably cheaper!) but never really got round to doing anything with it. I also picked up a few other IS sprues on eBay along the way.

This evening I’m going to try to build a whole manufactorum. Not a big one, more a tool shop than a Titan assembly facility.

This is the first completely new project since moving to the new house in December. I’ll stop pissing about now and get on with it 😉

Construction Time

08/30/2013 Leave a comment

That’s my weekend sorted!


I bought this with money from eBay sales over two years ago and have added a few extra sprues since then but until now I’ve not had the time to really get started on it.

Hopefully I’ll have some work in progress pics to show soon.