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Khorne Berserker Rhino WIP 2

09/17/2013 Leave a comment


This evening I was supposed to be at my weekly Role Playing game (we’re in the middle of a really cool Mage game at the moment) but this damned cold means I can barely speak so I’d be even less use than usual.

Since my wife works Tuesday evenings I thought I’d crack on with my Berserker Rhino. As you can see there’s a lot still to do but I think you can now see where I’m going with it.

Khorne Berserker Skull Champion

04/15/2013 2 comments

This weekend I mainly concentrated on finishing my Khorne Berserkers. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get them all done so in lieu of a group photo I thought that for now I’ll just post the completed Skull Champion.


Apologies again for the crap photo, I’ll use my proper camera for the full squad.