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Chaos Land Raider – Lament of The Unworthy

08/15/2015 2 comments

Just in time for the game tomorrow I present, Lament of The Unworthy!

Land Raider 01

Land Raider 02

Land Raider 03

Land Raider 04

Land Raider 05

Land Raider 06

Land Raider 07

Land Raider 08

Hopefully the next one won’t take nearly as long 😉

Chaos Land Raider – WIP 4

07/20/2015 Leave a comment

It’s almost done!

Chaos Land Raider WIP

This evening I attached the sponsons and gunner and popped the twin-linked heavy bolter in place to see how it looked, and I like it.  There’s still some tidying needed, especially around the trophy spikes and chains but really all that’s left is to weather the beast.

However, this leaves me with an important question: what in the names of the fell gods do I name this mighty vehicle?

Chaos Land Raider – WIP 3

06/28/2015 1 comment

Things have been a bit quiet of late at Ferguson Towers, mainly down to properly insane amounts of work leaving me too tired to pick up a paint brush.  Fortunately today I’ve managed to barricade myself in my Hobby Lair and used the time to get stuck in to my Chaos Land Raider.

Land Raider WIP

As you can see, the Lascannons, Heavy Bolters and gunner are as finished as they can be, as well as the interior, so now I’ve made a start on the outside of the hull.  I had wanted to get some more done but after drybrushing three layers onto the hull I just couldn’t take any more!

If past experience is anything to go by, the job’s well over half way done so I hope to have a finished model some time this week.  I have some new Dark Angels on order along with the Codex so I’m sure I’ll be able to keep myself occupied 😉

Chaos Land Raider – WIP 2

06/02/2015 Leave a comment

The inside’s detailed and the hull’s complete. Not bad for a couple of days. 


i decided to remove as much Imperial iconography as practical and replace with more appropriate material.


The sponsons will be painted before being attached.


I kitbashed a combiplasma for the pintle weapon. The gunner’s also not glued in place so it can be painted more easily.


I’m taking a day off tomorrow for my birthday but the plan’s to have this finished by the end of my holiday. 

Chaos Land Raider – WIP 1

05/21/2015 1 comment

Here in Edinburgh we have an extra long weekend thanks to Queen Liz not being dead yet (thanks ma’am 🙂 ) so I’ve decided to make a start on a project I’ve been looking forward to for a very, very long time.

I’ve wanted a Land Raider for my Chaos army since its inception, especially given my abysmal luck with the Deep Strike Mishap Table!  Plus, Land Raiders are so very cool.

So far I’ve managed to take off the icons of the Corpse God and made a start on the sub-assemblies.


It’s really not much to look at yet but I’m going to take a lot of time to ensure that this is as good as my modest abilities allow.  Plus, once this is done I should have the confidence to build a couple of more – esoteric – Raiders…