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Ravenwing Bike Squad

11/13/2015 Leave a comment

The best huntsmen in the galaxy (yes, including the White Scars) are now ready for battle.

Ravenwing Bike Squad 01


Ravenwing Bike Squad 02


Ravenwing Bike Squad 03


Ravenwing Bike Squad 04


I loved painting these miniatures.  Initially I was somewhat put off since it was impossible to paint the riders separately as these Dark Vengeance models incorporate parts of them into the bikes however once I got started things managed to fall nicely into place.

The Ravenwing is my favourite Dark Angels company, eventually I would like to have enough to field nothing but them in battle.

Ravenwing Bike Squad 05

No Fallen will escape, this we swear.


Ravenwing Land Speeder

01/19/2015 2 comments

This week I decided to take a break from my Chaos Marines (yes, I will get back to my Warpsmith soon!) and get some more of my Dark Angels finished.



I guess at this point I should acknowledge that my Dark Angels are now a separate army and not an allied contingent for my Guard 😉

There is also a degree of method to my madness as I’ve a Taurox and three squads of Tempestus Scions still in their boxes and I wanted to be sure I could paint a predominantly black colour scheme before I started on them.

I suppose now I really should go back to my Warpsmith…

Spoils of War

04/24/2014 1 comment

A mate of mine occasionally asks me to sell his old hobby stuff online and as payment I get first dibs as well as the stuff that, to most people, is completely worthless.

Here’s the ‘junk’ I received today.


I’m taking some time off in May and I think I’ve just found my next scenery project 🙂

P.S. The quality items will appear on eBay soon, I think you’re going to like them…