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Chaos Space Marine Raptors – WIP 1, Or: My Weird Painting Habit

01/21/2016 2 comments

This evening I started painting my ten man Raptor squad, I unleashed my spraying stick and got the lads under and basecoated. 


Once the second coat of Macragge Blue had dried I selected one of the regular models that were armed with a bolt pistol and chainsword and got started. 


As you can see I’m making decent progress, but it’s also clear that I’m not attempting to production line these models. 

Why? Because whenever I start a new unit, even a type that I’ve painted before, I always paint one to completion before bulk painting  the rest. 

I’ve no idea why I do this, but it’s proving to be a hard habit to break!

Going, going, gone! The end of Citadel Colour Spray Paints

03/19/2014 Leave a comment


Some of you will have noticed that GW’s website is no longer selling the Mephiston Red spray paint. I assumed that this was down to a supply issue but, as I’d popped into my local GW last Saturday to pick up a Hellbrute, I decided to ask a member of staff.

According to him, it turns out that the coloured sprays were a limited run and when they’re gone, they really are gone! Hopefully this means that they’ll be replacing them with a new product line but I’m going to be stocking up on Caliban Green and Macragge Blue while I still can!

The new Citadel Colour Sprays – First Impressions

09/08/2013 6 comments


This weekend I picked up a can of the new Macragge Blue spray paint. Since GW revamped their range of paints eighteen or so months ago, this colour has been the base colour for my Chaos Marines and since I loathe using an airbrush I was looking forward to this product’s arrival.

As you can no doubt tell, the Forgefiend above has been sprayed with the new paint. It took maybe three minutes to apply the coat and did not require a second.

So far as I can tell, it appears to be a perfect match to the existing colour and even if there is a slight variance it’ll not be apparent after I’m done painting the model.

Right now I can’t give any estimates as to a can’s longevity and value for money but as I’ll be using a significant amount of it (and Caliban Green…) over the next few months I’ll report back once I’ve formed an opinion.

In all, this seems to be a good, reasonably priced, product. It’s going to make my painting life a whole lot easier.