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The Orphans of The Imperium Return

01/20/2015 Leave a comment

Yup, as promised I’m completely ignoring the pathetic cries of my half-finished Warpsmith and instead decided to crack on with the boxes of Militarum Tempestus Scions I got for my birthday last year.

I’ve three boxes of Scions and one Taurox to build which’ll give me a full squad and command squad with transport for some. Such as shame I’ll have to buy another Taurox…

I also have a full squad of the old metal Stormtroopers that I’ll strip and repaint which means I’ll sooner or later have enough to field a decent allied detachment.

Yesterday evening I made a start on the Scion squad. Thus far all the torsos and legs are assembled but I couldn’t resist building one to completion.


Tuesday’s my RPG night so I won’t get back to these chaps until Wednesday, really looking forward to seeing how these turn out.

Mixed Gender Militarum Tempestus Scions

09/03/2014 2 comments

Look, I’m not dead!  It’s been exactly a month since my last post, the longest delay ever in the ignominious history of this pokey little blog.  There are a number of reasons, the most pressing of which is that my father is nearing the end of his valiant battle with cancer so understandably my mind has been, and will continue to be elsewhere for a while longer.

That said, I think it’s important for my sanity to attempt to keep as much of my normal life going as possible so I decided to get back on the horse and hammer out a few hundred words of rubbish.

This past week I’ve been slowly progressing my Heldrake, it’s almost finished and will be the subject of a proper post later.  As such my mind turned to my next project, I received three boxes of Militarum Tempestus Scions for my birthday back in June and I’m tired of them languishing on their sprues under my desk.  I had the notion of attempting to build a mixed-gender platoon so scoured the interweb for some 28mm female heads in berets and discovered these heads made by Statuesque Miniatures.

I ordered a couple of sets and within four days they arrived.  The quality of the sculpts are fantastic, I’m usually not a fan of small metal components after shedding blood, sweat and tears trying to get the old Imperial Guard heads to fit onto my plastic Cadian torsos however the sheer quality of these sculpts certainly encourages a little extra hard work.

However, as you can see from the photo below, the projects stumbled before it could get started.



They’re unfortunately ever so slightly too small when compared to the male heads so for now I’ll have to look elsewhere for compatible components.

All is not lost though as I’ve earmarked these heads for use with my PanOceana faction for Infinity as they’ll add some extra variety to my Fusiliers.

Will I order from Statuesque again?  Almost certainly, the quality of their product is fantastic and, time and finances permitting, I’d love to collect some of the Resistance Fighter range.  The prices are very reasonable and delivery is very quick, while their range is limited at this time, I can’t wait to see what else they can come up with.  Definitely a company to watch.