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Mutated Marines

02/17/2014 2 comments

After seven months, a change of job and the purchase of a house, my Mutated Marines are finally finished!  I started this project back in July shortly after having my arse handed to me by contributor and friend of Ramblings from The Trenches, Tim Chant and his Corpse God bothering Imperial lackeys.  I built these really quickly as I love the process of customising miniatures, one of the reasons I play Chaos and will inevitably collect an Ork horde at some point.

Here’s what my mob looked like at the end of July last year after I’d applied the base coat.


And here’s what they look like now 🙂


Some (more or less in focus) individual shots.











I absolutely loved working on these, can’t wait to try something similar with the rumoured new plastic kits.

Mutated Marines WIP 3

09/23/2013 1 comment


Decided to take a wee break from my Berserker Rhino and get some more of my mutated marines progressed. My aim is to get all the normal parts of the marines completely finished first before starting on the various ‘improvements’ they’ve picked up during the Long War.

Mutated Chaos Marines WIP 3 (Guest Starring A Sorcerer!)

09/04/2013 1 comment


Since I had the day off work I thought I’d use it productively. Don’t think I’ll get any finished today but the pace is certainly picking up 🙂

Mutated Chaos Space Marines

09/03/2013 2 comments


After far too long I managed to finish the first of my mutated marines. More are on the way, hopefully later this week.

Mutated Chaos Marines WIP 2

08/10/2013 Leave a comment

Managed to get back on the painting horse after over a week of urgent Real World stuff, house hunting is bloody tiring!

Anyway, this afternoon I got my ten gifted lads all basedcoated up then started applying details to them in batches. First up are those with four normal limbs but faces only a mother could love.


Can’t get any more done today but hopefully I’ll be able to get at least a couple of them finished tomorrow.

Mutated Marines – WIP

07/31/2013 Leave a comment

Prepare yourself for another dodgy photo but since it’s #WIPWednesday (is that a thing now?) here’s how far I’ve got with my mutated marines.



I’ve only been able to add the first layer of basecoat (Macragge Blue) to them and there’s obviously still a heck of a lot of work left to do but at least you can get a better look at the various mutations they all have.  Hopefully my next post won’t be nearly as dull 🙂

The Second Coming of Chaos

07/29/2013 Leave a comment

It took a bit longer than anticipated, but I’ve finally got my next wave of reinforcements built and undercoated.

IMG_5444Here we have ten Chaos Marines, all with at least one mutation, five Possessed Marines and a Chaos Marine Sorcerer.  No idea how long these will take me but I’ve promised myself I’ll not start painting my Forgefiend until they’re done so I’d better get a move on!