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Necromunda Ambot

04/19/2020 Leave a comment

Today I finished my first Ambot.  I decided to paint this one as generic as possible in an industrial-inspired scheme so that any gang can use it.

The other one in the set will be painted to form part of my Orlock gang – once I figure out what their colour scheme will be…

Ambot 01 01Ambot 01 03

Necromunda – The Forge Kings Goliath Gang

06/07/2019 1 comment

They’re done!  My first full Necromunda gang since the mid-nineties 🙂

Forge Kings - 1 - Whole Gang

I’m really happy with how these chaps turned out, I’ve never painted such a scheme before but I think I did it sufficient justice.

Here are some closeups.

Forge Kings - 2 - Leader - 01Forge Kings - 3 - Leader - 02Forge Kings - 4 - Leader 03Forge Kings - 5 - Champion 1 - 01Forge Kings - 6 - Champion 1 - 02Forge Kings - 7 - Champion 2 - 01Forge Kings - 8 - Champion 2 - 02Forge Kings - 9 - Juve 1 - 01Forge Kings - 10 - Juve 1 - 02Forge Kings - 11 - Juve 2 - 01Forge Kings - 12 - Juve 2 - 02Forge Kings - 13 - Ganger 1 - 01Forge Kings - 14 - Ganger 1 - 02Forge Kings - 15 - Ganger 2 - 01Forge Kings - 16 - Ganger 3 - 01Forge Kings - 17 - Ganger 3 - 02Forge Kings - 18 - Ganger 4 - 01Forge Kings - 19 - Ganger 4 - 02Forge Kings - 20 - Ganger 5 - 01Forge Kings - 21 - Ganger 5 - 02

My plan is now to finish off one of my Ambots before moving onto some hired guns.

Necromunda – Goliath Ganger

05/13/2019 Leave a comment

After over twenty years, I’ve finally finished another Necromunda model.

While Orlocks will always have my allegiance, I decided that I’d like to break myself back into the aesthetic by tackling a gang I’d never painted before, hence this chap.

Forge Kings - Ganger 01

I’ve never painted anything in oranges or yellows so I decided to test myself.  It took a lot of experimenting, but I’m broadly happy with how the first of the Forge Kings gang came out.

Now, I just have to get his nine mates done.  They’re getting angry…


06/18/2018 3 comments

I’m currently still mucking about with my Dark Angels but inspiration was getting a bit sparse so I decided to knock up a little buddy for my soon-to-be-built-and-painted-honest-I-really-mean-it-this-time Necromunda gangs.  Here he is.

Servo Skull Front

Servo Skull Rear

I know it’s a bit rough and ready (my new lighting rig leaves no shortcut hidden) but I’m fairly happy with the result.  Plus I really wanted to try out rust effects on the new scenic bases.

TT Combat Sci-Fi Scenics – Shipping Containers

11/06/2014 Leave a comment

Back in the summer I backed TT Combat’s fourth Kickstarter campaign and have finally got round to painting some of my pledge.  To start with, I decided to get ready my five shipping containers.

Containers 05

As my new office is by the docks in Edinburgh, I decided to paint my containers in colours common to their real life counterparts.  After under and basecoating I applied a Boltgun Metal drybrush followed by a very liberal glaze (more like a bath) of Agrax Earthshade to really dirty them up.

Like real world shipping containers, these are designed to be stacked.

Like real world shipping containers, these are designed to be stacked.


The doors are deeper cut so if you prefer you can remove them.

The doors are deeper cut so if you prefer you can remove them.


What scenery article would be complete without a size comparison?

What scenery article would be complete without a size comparison?

This terrain will certainly find itself regularly used, I can see applications for Infinity, 40K, Necromunda and Killteam.  I still have a landing pad and a couple of walkways to build, I can’t wait 🙂

You can view The Troll Trader’s full like of scenery and terrain at their website.  I highly recommend giving them your custom.

Necromunda Campaign

02/10/2012 1 comment


Over on The Shell Case there are details of an interesting new Necro Campaign which you can read here.  The campaign is based on the idea of an illegal underhive reality TV show called The Slaughter House.   In it gangs are rounded up and sealed together in an arena, their only hope of escape is earning the favour of their captor.  While this is nowhere near as depraved as, say, Coach Trip I think it’s worth a shot. My only problem is the dearth of Necro players in my neck of the woods, however if you’re more fortunate than I why not give it a go?

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