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The 2015 #WAACChallenge – Part 4: Done!

05/18/2015 1 comment

Can’t believe that this took me almost a month, although to be fair I took a couple weeks off to celebrate my fifth wedding anniversary and work has been more hectic than usual.  Nevertheless, it’s done!

Ork Nob Front

Ork Nob Back

I really enjoyed painting this, so much so that it’s going to be a wrench to sell it, but it’s for a good cause!  I fear however that I may have started on the slippery slope towards getting an Ork army…

The auction will start this coming Sunday, I’ll put something up when it’s live.

The 2015 #WAACChallenge – Part 3: Painting in Progress

04/19/2015 2 comments

It’s slowly coming together.

Ork In Progress 01

As you can see, I’m keeping the colours fairly traditional.  Now that (most) of the base coat is in place I have quite a lot of highlighting to do, as well as to decide how weathered and rusty to make his weapons and armour.

Originally I’d planned to devote most of this weekend to him but a Saturday movie marathon with my wife took preference 🙂  Nevertheless, I’m confident of meeting the six week deadline.